China Filter Press for Edible Oil, Olive Oil Filter

China Filter Press for Edible Oil, Olive Oil Filter

Product Description

Filter press for edible oil, olive oil filter

The filter press is a solid liquid separation device using the principle of pressure feeding. It has been used successfully in almost every industrial filtration application over its 150 years of history. 
It includes a series of filter plates and frames or recessed plates which are arranged alternately. The filter medium is provided in between the plates. A feeding pump is utilized to force the liquid through the medium leaving the solid trapped inside. Compared to other pressure filters the filter press holds more solids per square feet of filtering surface area then any other. 

Brife introduction of the Jack filter press

1. A screw jack as the pressing device, don’t need power.

2. Filter area ranges from 1m2 to 40m2, smaller than hydraulic or automatic filter press, better for 

beginner start production one.

3.  Chamber type and plate & frame type for your choosing.

Working principle of the Jack filter press

1. Press. Sort filter cloth to be flat and no folding, then put the strength adding rod into the jack of  screw 

jack. Adjust the direction valve, rotate the screw jack in clockwise, until one man’s strength is use  up.

2. Return. Put the strength adding rod into the jack of screw jack, adjust the direction valve, rotate  out the screw jack in counterclockwise.

3. In the process of press or return, if the slippage situation comes out, it shows your direction 

direction is wrong. Change to another direction is ok.

4. The press strength is ok with one man’s strength. If there is leakage, add the press strength.

5. After the filtration process, return the head plate, pull the filter plates one by one to discharge the cake, then sort the filter plate and cloth, to start another cycle.




This manual filter press is widely used in oil, chemical industry, dye, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, paper 

making and sewage treatment, and other solid-liquid separation fields


The manual filter press is the simplest type one, it consists of screw jack, beam, filter plate and filter cloth.

Jack filter press used for caolin ceramic industry solid and liquid separating and metallurgy use on sale

Jack filter press feature

1.Simple structure

2.Easy operation

3.No need power

4.Economical and practical

5.Manual operation, simple operation

6.Reliable, stable performance and easy maintenance

7.After using process doesn’t need power supply

8.Filter plate replacement is straightforward


Design feature of jack filter press

Jack filter press  adopts spiral jack as pressed equipment with features of simple structure, convenient operation, power-off operation and economic design. The filter press is suitable for filtrating area 1-40 square meters.

Technical data


5. Our factory ability

1. Manufacture experience,

Since 1997, we have done a lot of innovation and improvement in the field of filter and separation equipment.


2. Technology capacity,

We join and make the standard of filter press industry in China.


3. Our superiority,

More than 250,000 m2 land area and continue developing.  

6. Our company

Zhengzhou Toper is the leading supplier of industrial eqipment in China,and also the professional export and service provider of fitler and separation equipment.Also ,we focus on full service for filtering project from desigh to after -sale service and fast supply of spare parts.

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Parameters Table

Model NO.

Plate Size

Filter Cake Thickness

Filter Chamber Volume

Filter Plate Number

Filtration Pressure

Motor Power



Transport Package
Export Wooden Package

PP plate



HS Code

Production Capacity
100 Sets/Month