China Fbe Coating/Blasting Machinery for 2PE 3lpe Oil

China Fbe Coating/Blasting Machinery for 2PE 3lpe Oil

Product Description

FBE Coating/Blasting Machinery for 2pe 3lpe Oil-Supply Pipeline

3pe- Steel Anti-corrosion Pipe Coating Production description 
Diameter range:159mm-1400mm
Extrusion Capability:≤350kg/h

According to customer demand for the production of different specifications production
Through long-term efforts Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co.Ltd. has produced 3PE coating production line, so that meetthe demand of more customer. It indicating the direction of the 3PE coating production line with high performance.

The composition of 3-layer PE coating production line
The three -layer PE anticorrosion structure includes fusion bonded epoxy-powder bottom layer, polymer adhesive middle layer and polyethylene top layer. The so-called 3-layer PE Coating Production line,3-layer refers to the 3-layer structure of epoxy primer, that is a thermosetting, non-toxic coating, curing after form high molecular weight cross-linked structure coating, With excellent chemical corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties, especially the best wear resistance and adhesion. It can form a continuous coating and steel pipe surface directly bonded, with good resistance to chemical corrosion and anti-cathode stripping performance. 
To ensure that the overall coating at a higher temperature Has a good adhesion, making the middle layer of adhesive reactive groups to form a chemical bond. That is high quality of steel pipe anti-corrosion coating buried in the ground.
The intermediate layer is usually a copolymer binder, the main component of which is polyolefin, and is widely used as a vinyl copolymer adhesive. The polar moiety of the copolymer adhesive and the epoxy group of the epoxy primer can react to form hydrogen bonds or chemical bonds to form a good bond between the intermediate layer and the substrate; and the non-polar ethylene moiety has a Good affinity, so the middle layer and the surface layer also has a good bonding performance. Three-layer structure of polyethylene anti-corrosion, as the buried pipe outside the protective layer is very superior, and the technology has been widely used in the West-East Gas and oil field oil supply, urban gas supply, water pipeline used on the anti-corrosion.

Technological processes
Upload pipes→pipes screw conveyor→rust removal of intermediate frequency heating→Epoxy powder coating→outer layer soli quid & polyethylene coating→cooling spray→pipes screw conveyor→grinding pipes, s end→unload pipes

water cooling machinery

Configuration list

No. Name Unit Qty Remarks
External   cleaning and 3PE system of the steel pipes
1 Flatform of Upload pipes M 15 Combination of dual structure
2 Hydraulic tube pulling machine set  8 Double lift,lifting force 
more than 8T
3 Air hydraulic station Set 3 Air cooler, throttle valve
4 Derusting spiral transmission line M 27 Variable frequency speed regulation, solid tyre
5 Synchronous dynamic spiral single-frame Set 2 Variable frequency speed regulation, solid tyre
6 The lower type shot blasting machine Set 1 Max pipe diameter 1220mm
7 Dedusting system Set 1 first degree dust removal + pulse bag type dust collector
8 transition platform line
M 15 Combination of dual structure
9 PE Spiral transmission line M 54 Variable frequency speed 
regulation,solid tyre
10 Intermediate frequency heater Set 1 800K
11 Dynamic high temperature roller Set 1 Variable frequency speed 
12 Epoxy powder coating system Set 1 Max pipe diameter 1220mm
13 The powder room, vulcanization barrel Set 1 Non inductive heating 
14 two stage powder recovery device Set 1 cyclones dust collector+
pulsed dust collector
15 Automatic vacuum   feeding machine  Set 2 800kg/h+300kg/h
16 SJ-180/30Extruder
Set 1 Q≈650kg/h
250KW DC,Q≈650kg/h
17 SJ-65/30 Extruder
SJ-65/30 Extruder
Set 1 45KW Q≈150kg/h
45KW AC,Q≈150kg/h
18 Extruder moving mechanism Set 1 Electric control
19 Hot melt extrusion die head Set 1 T die head
20 PE sheet extrusion die mould Set 1 T die head
21 Hot   melt adhesive 
PE   coating device
Set 1 Silicon rubber roller, 
double cylinder, internal 
water cooling
22 Environmental protection ventilation system Set 1 4KW
23 cooling spray system Set 1 Water pump, water spray, pipelines, reflux tank
24 The cooling splash-prevented plastic curtain-wall Set 1 Approx 110m2
25 External anti-corrosion pipe unload platform M 15 Combination of dual structure
26 Pipe beveling grinding machine Set 2 4KW motor electrical control system of walking
27 Dedusting system Set 2 Pulse dust collect
28 Hydraulic lifting rotary pipe device Set 1 Hydraulic lift,the four round of the WPA direct drive
29 The   electrical control system of 3PE steel pipes production line Set 1 main line of centralized 
PLC Control
compressed air system
30 Screw type air compressor Set 1 6m³/min,0.7MPa
31 freeze drying machine Set 1 6m³/min,Enter temperature≤80ºC
32 Precision filter Set 3 0.1PPM
33 Gas tank PC 1 1m³

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Method Type


Installation Capacity
Approx 1650kw

Available Material
Fbe Powder

Extrusion Capability


Transport Package
Standard Export Packing

dia. 159-1400mm


Qingdao, China

HS Code

Production Capacity