China Factory supply 300kg/h  coconut oil press machines

China Factory supply 300kg/h  coconut oil press machines

Product Description

                                                  300kg/h coconut oil press machine oil processing plant



This is a oil press line dedicated to coconut processing. Mainly includes the whole process of sun-dried coconut shelling, peeling, crushing, oil extraction, refining, and filling.

Main date

No. Model& name Quantity (Set)
1. Coconut dehuller 1
2 Coconut peeler with air compressor 1
3 Coconut grinder 1
4 Air drying oven 1
5 304 stainless steel elevator 1
6 6YL-120T oil press machine 1
7 500KG/Day complete refinery 1
8 FC-350 disk grinder 1
9 Horizontal oil filling machine with air compressor (250-2500ml) 1

Main machines instruction
Process flow diagram 

Factory size:10x10x5m

1.Coconut dehuller

Main feature and working principle:
This machine is mainly made of cutter, cutter tooth, transmission part, bracket etc.

While working motor drive by chain, then to force main shaft drive, and the two cutter will drive on the shaft, on the cutter have a lot of cutter tooth, cutter tooth can be take off easily to change.

There are huller rod, while working put the coconut hole on the top of the huller rod, then coconut will incline to cutter to go on hulling process, by rotating the coconut till all hard shells are removed out.
Main data:

Model CDH-2 coconut de-huller
Capacity 150-300pcs/h(varies by labor working speed)
Power 1.5kw(380v/3P)
Size 1000x600x1000mm
Weight 170kgs

Final product

2.Coconut peeler

Melon and fruit peeler is mainly used for pineapple peeling, but also for papaya, taro, cantaloupe, winter melon, grapefruit, coconut etc.
1. This melon and fruit peeling machine is with high efficiency, safe and reliable, adjustable peeling thickness, very convenient.
2. The knife group cuts up and down cyclically. The peeling rate is over 95%.
3. The special design of the peeling knife holder can make the melon peel directional discharge, which is convenient for collection and cleaning.
4. The machine is easy to disassemble and wash, easy to operate when used, safe and hygienic, suitable for catering industry, dining hall, food processing factory.
Main data:

Model CP-11 coconut peeler
Power 800w(380v-220v/50hz)
Capacity 2-6 pieces/min
Size 700x800x1800mm
Weight 150kgs
3.Coconut grinder

This grinder mainly used to crush coconut meat, nut etc into small fine pieces, the final product size can adjust according to your requirement.
Main data:

Model FS-300 coconut grinder
Capacity 300-500kg/h
Power 3kw(220v/380v)
Motor speed 3800r/min
Size 750x700x1000mm
Weight 150kgs
4.Air dryer oven

This dryer adopts low temperature drying, strengthened circulating air for constant temperature and humidity drying, and the drying process is solidified in a microcomputer.
It has a high degree of intelligence and does not require special care. The shape is full, the nutrients are not destroyed, and the efficacy is high. The dryer is suitable for drying seafood such as pepper honeysuckle, kelp, seaweed, dried fish, dried shrimp, squid, fish fillets, sea cucumbers, abalone, etc. It is also suitable for dried bamboo shoots, fungi, garlic, flowers, dried fruits, vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, etc. Drying of sweet potato, corn, peas, beans, coconut, betel nut, fungus and other agricultural and sideline products, as well as drying of chrysanthemum, rhubarb, salvia, ginseng and other traditional Chinese medicines.
Main data:

Model K-180A-3P air dryer
Rated heating volume 8kw
Rated heating power 2.4kw
Rated current 4.8A
Max power 3kw
Max current 6A
Rated moisture removal 7.2kg/h
Rated drying temperature 60ºC
Max drying temperature 75ºC
Working environment temperature 10-40ºC
Machine size 3300x200x2200mm
Weight 2000kgs

5.304stainless Steel Elevator

This auto loader mainly used to transport raw materials from lower place to higher place automatically, which is saving labor cost and more efficiency.
Main data:

Model 304ss Auto loader
Capacity 300-500kg/h
Power 1.1kw
Length 2m
Size 800x830x800mm
Weight 100kgs

6.6YL-120T oil press with vacuum filter
It is widely used to press rapeseeds, cottonseeds, soybean, peanut, sesame, tea-seeds,  sunflower-seeds, coconut,palm kernel etc, it’s a perfect product for small-medium oil factory.

Main data:

Model 6YL-80T 6YL-100T 6YL-120T
Processing capacity 120-150kg/h 200-250kg/h 300-350kg/h
Pressing screw dia Φ80mm Φ100mm Φ120mm
Pressing screw speed 60r/min 40r/min 36r/min
Round ring dia Φ82mm Φ102mm Φ122mm
Power Main power Y112M-6 5.5KW Y132M-6 7.5KW Y160M-6 11KW
Heating 3KW 3.5KW 4KW
Weight 780kg 980kg 1500kg
Size 1680x1300x1550mm 1950x1350x1610mm 2050x990x1650mm
7.FC-350 disc grinder

Our FC series disk mill has multiple functions. It is designed compactly with a wonderful appearance: small in size and light in weight, reliable in operation and easy in maintenance. It has a large range of service and proves to be of high quality in crushing.
Main data:

Model FC-350 disk grinding machine
Capacity 300-800kg/h varies by product fineness
Power 7.5kw(380v/50hz/3p)
Main shaft ration speed 4200-4600rpm
Motor speed 1450rpm
Sieve size 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and 1mm
Machine size 800x610x1020mm
Weight 220kg

8.500kg/Day complete refinery
Equipment function:
degumming, deacidification, decolorization, decolorization filtration, deodorization, fine filtration, electric heating steam generator, vacuum system and electronic control system.
Equiment list:

No. Serial number Equipment name Spec/model Quantity Materials
1 L101A/B Refining tank LYYG80 2 stainless steel
2 L102 Hot water, alkaline water tank 70×50×50 1 stainless steel
3 L103 Clay box Φ40×50 1 stainless steel
4 L104 Decolorization tank LYSG80 1 SS304
5 L105 Blade filter YL2 1 stainless steel
6 L106 Bag filter JL20 1 stainless steel
7 L107 Deodorant tank LYXC80 1 stainless steel
8 L108 Gas collection device BJQ30 1 stainless steel
9 L109 Water ring vacuum pump SHB40 1  
10 L110 Water tank Φ60×100 1 stainless steel
11 L111 Steam superheater ZQFSQ32 1  
12 L113 Air compressor PH0.9 1  
13 P102 Decolorization pump TSB40-32 1 stainless steel
14 P103 Oil pump KCB55.5 1 stainless steel
15   Distribution Cabinet   1  
16   Installation material fee      
17   Total   16  


9.Horizontal 2 heads oil filling machine


  1. This series liquid filling machine can be applied to fill liquid in food, bath items, medicine, chemical etc; it’s not suitable to fill the liquid with gas and drinking materials with pellet.
  2. The whole machine are stainless steel, the contact materials part choose 316L stainless steel and in accordance with health standard.
  3. Pneumatic parts choose Taiwan AirTAC brand to make sure the machine work steady.
  4. Foot switch inching operation, auto working and two kinds of control mode are more practical and convenient.
  5. The filling heads can be changed according to different diameter bottleneck.

Technical data:

Model VIC-L2 Liquid filling machine (2 heads)
Filling speed 10-40bottle/minute
Filling precision <±0.5%
Pressure 0.4-0.9Mpa
Power 50w
Gas volume >=0.1M3/Min
Size 1200mm×300mm×400mm
Weight 50kgs coding machine

This online coding machine can be applied in complete making line, also can be used to code different product online.
Main data:

Model intelligent online coding machine
Coding height 12.7mm
Language English, Chinese, Korea etc
Coding speed 0.5/time
Coding depth 5mm
Coding scope Max 800mm
Size Conveyor: 1530x410x210mm,
coding machine: 250x180x100mm

Packaging and shipping
Packaging:In wooden b

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