China Factory Price Palm Oil Margarine Equipment

China Factory Price Palm Oil Margarine Equipment

Product Description

Genyond factory price palm oil margarine equipment

Product Description
Type Margarine Shortening complete processing machines
Material Stainless steel SUS304
Speed Adjustable
Capacity 1000-1500kg/h  1500-2500kg/h 2500-3500kg/h
Product Keywords Genyond factory price palm oil margarine equipment

This system is the production of margarine, shortening and other main equipment oil products, mainly by the rapid cooling system (unit A), hot water circulation system, kneading shaft system (unit C), configuration, emulsifying tank, tank filling machine, refrigeration system, pressure pump and other components, so as to achieve the purpose of oil production.           

When the emulsion enters the unit A of the quench system, the material is frozen and crystallized. When the scraper is constantly stirred, it is fully kneaded to play a better homogenization effect. Under the operation of the A unit, the material formed a semisolid with a temperature of 12 C ~14 C and a pressure between 1.5Mpa~2.0Mpa. The oil semifinished products containing crystal nuclei enter the kneader and grow in the crystal for a period of time. If the semifinished oil is made in a static state, the crystalline structure of solid grease will be formed, with a large hardness and no plasticity. To get a certain plastic product, we must knead before forming the overall network structure, and break the net structure formed before, so that it can recrystallize, reduce the consistency and increase plasticity. The kneading machine stirred the semi finished oil fully and kneaded (adjustable speed 50~300rpm/min) and formed the crystallization slowly. Due to the crystallization heat generated by crystallization (about 50kcal/kg), the friction heat generated by stirring causes the material temperature of kneading machine to rise and make the crystal soft. The grease produced by this system is soft, delicate and bright in appearance, which is the best choice for making oil products.

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Genyond factory price palm oil margarine equipment

Parameters Table

Model NO.
palm oil margarine


Maximum Working Pressure
More Than 5MPa

Raw Material
Vegetable/Animal Oil



Our Name
Margarine Shortening Making Machine

Transport Package
Standard Packing




HS Code

Production Capacity