China Factory Hemp Supercritical CO2 Oil Extraction Machine

China Factory Hemp Supercritical CO2 Oil Extraction Machine

Product Description

Machine Introdution
Supercritical co2 extraction machine
have focusing in supercritical co2 extraction machine and processing technology for over 30 years. We have done many projects to extract CBD oil all over the world, such as USA, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Romania, Spain, South Africa, India, Srilanka, Hungary,Uganda, Malawi,Colombia,Argentina etc.And we have good experience in extracting many kinds of material
Supercritical co2 extraction machine is used under high pressure and suitable temperature suitable to extract valuable content from material (solid or liquid), it is to change the pressure and temperature conditions of the separator tanks to let the dissolved substances separated out to achieve the purpose of separation. The whole equipment beauty, safety and easy operation, pressure temperature flow number can be showed from pressure meter and digital instrument. The material of pipe parts, valves, pipe lines, are all stainless steel(0Cr18Ni9Ti).

Main Configuration

1 Extraction Tank Volume:24LX4
Max working Pressure:40MPa
2 Separation Tank Volume:1x10L,1X20L
Max working Pressure:30MPa
3 CO2 high-pressure pump  50L/Hour, 40MPa, pumps head with cooling system
4 C0-solvent pump 0.25-4L/H,40MPa (Mechanical adjustable)
5 Chiller Temperature range:-5ºC~+5ºC
6 Heating Exchange System Max working Pressure:40MPa
7 Purification System Max working Pressure:40MPa
8 CO2 Storage Tank Max working Pressure:16MPa
9 Flowrate Meter Model:Metal tube float (6.3-63L/H)
10 Temperature Control System Temperature Range: Room temperature~75ºC
11 Safety Devices Pressure gauge at high pressure pump outlet, overpressure protection
The extractor, separator, evaporator, dry purifier and mixer have safety valve to keep safe of system.
12 User-supplied Power:3 phase
CO2: Food grade≥99.5%, single bottle net weight ≥22Kg
Food grade alcohol ≥99.5%
Installation dimension: 2700×2500×1600mm

Standard Models

  Model No. Volume & Pressure Extractors and separators
1 SCFE-1L 1L/50Mpa 1 Extraction 2 Separation
2 SCFE-2L 2L/50Mpa 1 Extraction 2 Separation
3 SCFE-5L 5L/50Mpa 1 Extraction 2 Separation
4 SCFE-6L (5+1)L/50Mpa 2 Extraction 2 Separation
5 SCFE-10L 5Lx2/50Mpa 2 Extraction 2 Separation
6 SCFE-10L 10L/40Mpa 1 Extraction 2 Separation
7 SCFE-20L 10Lx2/40Mpa 2 Extraction 2 Separation
8 SCFE-48L 24Lx2/40Mpa 2 Extraction 2 Separation
9 SCFE-96L 24lx4/40Mpa 4 Extraction 2 Separation
10 SCFE-120L 30Lx4/40Mpa 4 Extraction 2 Separation
11 SCFE-180L 30Lx6/40Mpa 6 Extraction 2 Separation
12 SCFE-180L 30Lx6/40Mpa 6 Extraction 3 Separation
13 SCFE-200L 50Lx4/40Mpa 4 Extraction 2 Separation
14 SCFE-300L 50LX6/40Mpa 6 Extraction 2 Separation
15 SCFE-300L 50Lx6/40Mpa 6 Extraction 3 Separation
16 SCFE-100Lx3 100Lx3/35Mpa 2 Extraction 2 Separation
17 SCFE-200Lx3 200Lx3/35Mpa 2 Extraction 2 Separation
18 SCFE-400Lx3 400Lx3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 2 Separation
19 SCFE-600Lx3 600Lx3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 2 Separation
20 SCFE-1000Lx3 1000Lx3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 2 Separation
21 SCFE-1500Lx3 1500Lx3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 2 Separation

Supercritical co2 extraction machine:★ Low Critical temperature suitable for extraction and purification of heat sensitive compound.
★ Being capable to provide inert environment to avoid oxidation of products and affection of effective content of extracts.
★ Fast extraction speed, no toxicity, non-flammable, safe application and no pollution upon environment.co2 extraction machine
★ No residue of solvent, no nitrate and ions of heavy metal.

supercritical co2 extraction machine:Sea buckthorn fruit oil ,grape seed oil oidiophore oil of glossy ganoderma ,fish oil,arteanuin ,netmeg oil,menthence,mother chrysanthemum oil, curcuma oil pigment, lycopin, cortex magnoliae officinalis extract, olibanum extract,Gingerol, pepper haematochrome ,dried tiny shrimp ,haematochrome, Zanthoxylum oil,garlic oil ,tobacco leaves essence oil.co2 extraction machine

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