China Essential Oil Vacuum Extractor Distillation Extraction Equipment Steam Distillation Machine

China Essential Oil Vacuum Extractor Distillation Extraction Equipment Steam Distillation Machine

Product Description

Product Description
This excellent and multifunctional 50L gourd shape essential oil distillation equipment can be a  fabulous gift for beginners who interests in the art of distilling essential oil and hydrolat in small batches from plants in the garden .
Our Advantages

Main advantage 50L gourd shape  essential  oil distillation equipment:

(1)By steam-distillation to reach the extraction of essential oils.
(2)Easy operation. One people can operate this machine easily .
(3)High efficiency. Using indirect heating of heat- transfer oil, it can quickly reach 100C high temperature under the conditions of cleanness, safety and atmospheric pressure.
(4)Compact structure.It covers only about 1.5 square meter.
Wide application: Essential oil distillation machine could used for vacuum distilling for the flower, plant, leaf, pericarp. such as Lavender , Rosemary , Pine and Fir Needles , Peppermint , Basil , Eucalyptus Leaves etc.
Product Details
Product Parameters

50L Gourd Shape Essential Oil Distillation Equipment

1. Structure : The equipment is made of distillation kettle, condenser, cooler, oil and water separator, re-distillation device,
coagulate fragrance device and related pipes. Distillation equipments are all made of SUS304 stainless steel. The inner surface of
the equipment is polished with Ra ≤ 0.6μm and the mirror surface treatment with Ra ≤ 0.8μm to ensure that there is no dead corner
and meet the GMP requirements.
2. Distillation kettle: effective volume: 50L, direct heating with tank bottom.
Kettle inside: Design pressure: 0.09 Mpa; Working pressure: atmospheric pressure; Design temperature: 180 ºC; Working temperature:≤
100 ºC; Working medium: water; Barrel = 2.0mm/SUS304; Upper oval head= 2.0mm/SUS304;
3. Condenser: vertical condenser, heat exchange area> 0.03 square meter.
Tube pass: Design pressure: atmospheric pressure; Working pressure: atmospheric pressure; Design temperature: 100 ºC; Working
temperature ≤ 100 ºC; Working medium: secondary steam. Tube pass: Φ 19 x 1.5; Material :SUS304;
Shell pass: Design pressure: 0.3 Mpa; Working pressure:atmospheric pressure; Working temperature: 15 ~ 40ºC. Working medium:
cooling water.
4. Oil and water separator: tank material: δ1.5mm/SUS304, top glass; Tank volume: 3L;
5. Electric ceramic stove: working voltage 220V/50HZ triphase. Maximum heating power: 3kw, 22-speed adjustable.
6. Accessories: 1pcs electric ceramic boiler , 1pcs thermometer, pressure gauge
Our Factory

Our Service:

Pre-sales service
1.Quick response
2.Detailed quotation
3.Professional production and transportation solution
After-sales service
1.One year warranty
2.We will provide one engineer to assemble and train workers.
3.7*24 hours technical support by mail/whatsapp/skype/wechat/mobile phone


Q1: What is the Warranty for the machines?
A1: 1 year for free.
Q2: What is the Material?
A2: Stainless steel.
Q3: When can I get the price?
A3: Within 24 hours, if urgent, please directly call us.
Q4: Whether the machine price can be more discount?
A4: In general, our MOQ is 1set with very reasonable price, but if large order, we also can apply to our Manager to appropriately give you a little discount.
Q5: How to ask quotation?
A5: Please note us what type of raw materials , and how many kgs of raw materials you want to treat per batch, then we will send you quotation as soon as we can.
Q6: Can we ask the oil plant for different types of oil?
A6: Yes, but we recommend no more than 3 different types.
Q7: Essential oil plants require how large of a workspace?
A7: The land area typically depends on the capacity of the plant. We can suggest an appropriate space to prepare after given specifications, or, can design the oil plant in-house specifically to the amount of workspace available.
Q8: How long will it take to receive my products?
A9: As a general rule, it will take one Month for us to produce.
Q9: Do you offer oversea installation?
A9: We’ll send professional installation engineer to help you install the equipment, as well as training your workers freely.

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Flower Oil Extraction Machine

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Essential Oil Distillation

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