China Energy Saving Waste Water Treatment Chemical Oil Press Filter Industrial Sludge Dehydrator Machine for Aqua Industry

China Energy Saving Waste Water Treatment Chemical Oil Press Filter Industrial Sludge Dehydrator Machine for Aqua Industry

Product Description


With ISO9000 & CE certificates, the Multi-disk Screw Press developed by Benenv follows the dewatering principles of force-water current, thin-layer dewatering, moderate pressure and extension of the sludge dewatering path. It is able to treat low concentration sludge and oily sludge effectively, with low energy consumption and easy operation. This Multi-plate Screw Press realizes an energy-efficiently sludge dewatering.

Functional Principle
Layers of spacers, fixed and moving rings construct the dewatering cylinder. Moving rings, which are slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the screw and slightly narrower than the spacers, are located between the fixed rings. Edge of the screw pushes these moving rings in continuous circular motion.
The moving rings continuously clean sludge out of the gaps, prevents clogging and reduces the use of rinsing water.


1) Municipal water and wastewater treatment plants
2) Agricultural/fishery community wastewater treatment plants
3) Industrial waste treatment wastewater treatment plants
4) Food/beverage production wastewater treatment plants
5) Dairy farming/Meat processing wastewater treatment plants
6) Chemicals manufacturing wastewater treatment plants
7) Machinery manufacturing/Metal processing wastewater treatment plants
8) Laundry wastewater treatment plants
9) Other wastewater treatment plant (paper manufacturing, building material manufacturing, oilfield associated water accompanied with crude oil mining, etc. )

Case Study


Famous for its production and sales of pork, Huayun Livestock had been facing heavy labor of sludge excess treatment. Advantages such as free from clogging, self- washing structure, and automatic operation can reduce working pressure and save lot of time and labor. And the sludge cake discharged by MDS press are used for fertilization, and the fertilizer are sold as commodity, realized the 0 sludge treatment cost. The director of Huayun Livestock products highly praised the MDS press.

BENENV’s offer for a solution

Multi-Disk Screw Press with its clog-free-self-cleaning structure allows fully-automatic operation and these characteristics considerably minimized their burdensome works. As a result, they now have enough time for their main work, which is taking care of pigs rather than sludge handling.
In addition, they now make compost out of the sludge cake discharged from Multi-Disk Screw Press by using a composting unit. The compost made is sold as a product and they now pay "zero cost" for sludge disposal.
We are honored to be praised by factory director: Multi-Disk Screw Press has made our work easy. "


Model Screw shaft
cake outlet
distance (mm)
Machine specifications
Net weight
Running weight
Backwash water
Length Width Height
MDS101 Φ100*1 215 1816 756 1040 200 290 0.2 24
MDS131 Φ130*1 250 1969 756 1040 220 315 0.2 24
MDS132 Φ130*2 250 2069 910 1040 305 450 0.3 48
MDS202 Φ200*2 350 2500 935 1270 520 730 0.8 64
MDS311 Φ310*1 495 3255 985 1600 910 1320 0.8 40
MDS312 Φ310*2 495 3455 1295 1600 1530 2230 1.2 80
MDS313 Φ310*3 495 3605 1690 1600 2090 3080 1.95 120
MDS412 Φ410*2 585 4140 1550 2250 2450 3400 3.75 144
MDS413 Φ410*3 585 4420 2100 2250 3350 4850 6.0  216

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Brand Origin


2 Years

Service Life
>15 Years

Electrical Components
Schneider, Omron

Transport Package
Wooden Case




HS Code

Production Capacity