China Edible Oil Extraction Machine Olive Oil Soybean Oil Mill Machine

China Edible Oil Extraction Machine Olive Oil Soybean Oil Mill Machine

Product Description

Product Description


Product Description

Special Facilities / Features In Tiga Engineering

  • Chamber cage opens on hinges simply by tilting of chamber halves. Drudgery of lifting of heavy weights of clamping bars and chamber halves are totally eliminated.
  • Thickness of oil cake can be changed while running of expeller. This is unique facility. It enables to change thickness of cake while running of expeller. This is unique facility of Tiga Engineering expeller.
  • Oil pump is now integral part of oil expeller and hence no separate pump required.
  • Due to ready foundation frame, No foundation of any machine required in the ground. So Installation becomes easy & plant can be started within 24 hours. Also you can shift machine easily from one place to another as and when required.
  • taper roller bearings make expeller very sturdy and durable. No ball bearings fitted anywhere.
  • As expeller is very compact, it is economical to import by air freight for land locked countries.
  • Feedbox mouth has been made bigger so that expeller can crush cotton seeds effectively.
  • Main pulley Shaft diameter is 62 mm which is highest in the industry.

Salient Features of Oil Mill Machinery

  • Our Oil Mill Machinery is suitable for crushing multiple types of oilseeds whether edible or non edible. Majority of oilseeds give Edible Oil while some oilseeds such as Castor and Cottonseed give non-edible oils which are processed further.
  • Our Filter Presses are very efficient and uniquely designed. Hence Filtration of oil is better and gives 99.99% Pure Oil. The filtered oil is transparent, natural & gives "at a stretch convincing" appearance to the cooking oil.
  • We offer multiple Seed Processing Machines for Pre-Treatment purposes. We can supply machines such as Sunflower Cracker, Seed Cleaners, Palm Nut Crackers, Groundnut Decorticator, Castor Decorticator, Seed Shellers etc.
  • The Yield of oil is equal whether you go for Mini Oil Plant or Big Capacity Oil Mill. This is because of highly scientific worm sequence inside the chamber cage.
  • For our mini oil machinery, the Technology is so simple that person can be trained within 4 days only and he can operate the oil mill on his own. This further gives faster earnings.

Technical Advancements of our Oil Mill Machinery

  1. Entire Steel Fabricated Heavy Structure for Stability and better Alignments.
  2. Provision of Crude Oil Collection Tank underneath Crushing Chamber
  3. High Carbon Gears specially hardened and tempered.
  4. Heavy Gearbox and Worm Arrangement
  5. Different options for Cooking Kettle Design in Oil Mill Machinery
  6. Vibration Free Working Mechanism of all Oil Mill Machinery


Product Parameters


Model TIGA-80 TIGA-100 TIGA-120 TIGA-130 TIGA-140 TIGA-150
Screw diameter 80mm 100mm 120mm 130mm 165mm 165mm
Capacity(Kg/24h) 80~150 100~200 200~300 300~400 400~500 500~600
Motor(KW) 5.5 7.5 11 15 20 30
weight (kg) 350 450 550 750 850 950\0
Specification(mm) 1480*450*1500 1950*550*1700 2100×650×1780 2300x700x1900 2360*800*1900 2450*920*1950
Worker needed  1 1 1           1 1 1
Working time  24h 24h 24h 24h 24h 24h
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1. How to choose a suitable model for my business?
Please give me your detailed requirements, the suitable options & relative reasons will be given to you.

2.Should I need assemble the machine when it reach to my place?
No need, the machine has been installed complete before delivery.

3. How to opearate the machine?
A video & a operation manuel for the right machine will be sent to you in advance.

4. Is the spare part available when I need?
Yes, all the spare parts are available all the year at factory cost.

5. How to ship the machine?
The machine will be well packed with sea worthy packing, which will be shipped in container shipment.

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Press Materials

Press Series



Automatic Grade

Main Material
Stainless Steel

Press Type
Cold & Hot Pressing Machine


Transport Package
Sea Worthy Packing

1480*630*1570mm or others



HS Code

Production Capacity
3, 000 Set / Year