China Deep Oil Frying Equipment Corn Nut Batch Frying Machine

China Deep Oil Frying Equipment Corn Nut Batch Frying Machine

Product Description

Deep Oil Frying Equipment Corn Nut Batch Frying Machine

 1. –Machine Introduction

Batch Fryer is made of food grade SUS 304 stainless steel material which is good to health and easy to maintain. 
This frying machine is easy to be operated and maintained.

Electricity is used as heating energy, and digital display temperature controller is used to automatically control the temperature between 1-300 degrees, and it is equipped with an over-temperature protection device. This model is suitable for small and medium-sized fried food processing enterprises.
This market-leading fryer is used to produce most of the snack food products. 
As the industry standard, our potato chip fryer delivers superior product quality, 
clean operation, and total reliability.

Precisely control temperature, product, and oil flow for superior potato chips 
with uniform color and consistent finished moisture content. 

You can create custom temperature profiles with the same fryer to produce different 
styles for greater return on your equipment investment.


1. The frying basket will automatically turn out of the pan and return to the pan, and the oil can be drained automatically during the pan, and the draining time can be adjusted.
2. The heating method adopts stainless steel electric heating tube.
3. Choose DN50 large-diameter ball valve, and the cone-shaped bottom of the pot discharges completely and is not easy to be blocked and is easy to clean.
4. The discharge port of the frying basket is equipped with a material receiving device to ensure that the material is completely poured out.
5. Automatic temperature control electrical appliances are equipped with emergency stop, short circuit, overload, and grounding functions. The pot body fiber cotton keeps warm to prevent scalding.

2. Technical Data 

Model TSBD-10
Heating Type Electric heating
Overall size 1568*1133*1285mm
Liner size Φ870*500mm
Effective frying basket volume 70L
Working oil capacity 230L
Voltage/frequency 380V/50HZ
Total power 31KW

3. -Details


4. -Suitable For Products

In addition to deep-frying corn nuts,plantain chips, pork skin, prawn cracker, this frying machine can also be used for other nuts such as almonds, sunflower seeds, broad beans, ground nuts, green beans, chicken, fish, chips, and other snack foods, etc.

5. -Using Scene

6. -Applications

The equipment is suitable for canteens, central kitchens, fast food restaurants, meat food factories, snack food factories.

7. -Company Profile

Zhucheng Tianshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern food machinery manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales.

Main products including food processing machinery, including:
Vegetable/fruits washing machines;
Vegetable peeling machines;
Frying machines;
Coating&blender equipment;
Flavouring machines;
Hot/cool air drying machines;
Vacuum packaging machines;
Vegetable/fruits cutter;
Pasteurizer equipment;
Vacuum fryer;

Freeze dryer;
Liquid nitrogen freezer;
Complete production lines,potato chips/french fries production line,plantain chips line,vegetable/fruits processing line,etc.

They are mainly used for processing vegetable, fruits, pickled foods, chicken, meat, seafood, and so on. All of the products could be customized produce in individual or a complete line.

8. -Our Clients

9. -Packing And Shipment



Parameters Table

Model NO.



Food Grade Stainless Steel


Heating Method
Electric Heating


Heating Time

Oil Capacity

Chips,Snack Foods

Transport Package
According to Customer Requirements




HS Code

Production Capacity