China Crushing Equipment for Oil Filter Element Shredder

China Crushing Equipment for Oil Filter Element Shredder

Product Description

Oil Filter Shredder Machine/Oil Filter Recycling Line
The oil filter, metal drums comprehensive recycling processing line, set pieces, crushing, separating, sorting, cleaning and other functions, its output can reach 800-3000 kg / h, the total power of 145-200KW. Suitable materials include recycling: waste metal drums, oil filters, paint bucket, drums and so on.

Four Shaft Shredder FS Series
Products Information
Model Motor power(kw) Blade(mm) Main blade rotation diameter(mm) Main blade quantity(pcs) Main axle rotating speed(rpm) Screen size(mm) Cutting Chamber(mm) External dimensions(mm) Equipment weight(kg)
FS4030 1.5KW 18.5mm φ180 14 10-12rpm φ20mm 400x300mm 850x600x1650mm 600kg
FS6650 7.5KW 18.5mm φ230 26 16-25rpm φ20mm 660x500mm 1400x910x1800mm 1000kg
FS8040 2x11KW 18.5mm φ245 20 16-25rpm φ25mm 800x400mm 1860x1200x2065mm 1600kg
FS8060 2x11KW 30 800x600mm 1950x1200x2065mm 1800kg
FS8080 2x11KW 42 800x800mm 2180x1200x2065mm 2000kg
FS9080 2×18.5KW 25mm φ290 32 16-25rpm φ40mm 900x800mm 2300x1320x3000mm 3500kg
FS90100 2×18.5KW 40 900x1000mm 2500x1320x3000mm 4200kg
FS10080 2×18.5KW 40mm φ320 21 16-25rpm φ40mm 1000x800mm 2410x1400x2730mm 5000kg
FS100100 2×18.5KW 26 1000x1000mm 2610x1400x2730mm 5500kg
FS100120 2x22KW 31 1000x1200mm 2810x1400x2730mm 6000kg
FS100140 2x22KW 36 1000x1400mm 3010x1400x2730mm 6500kg
FS130100 2×15+2x22KW 50mm φ430 20 10-15rpm φ60mm 1300x1000mm 3200x1650x2930mm 11500kg
FS130120 2×15+2x30KW 24 1300x1200mm 3400x1650x2930mm 12500kg
FS130140 2×15+2x30KW 28 1300x1400mm 3600x1650x2930mm 13500kg
FS130180 2×15+2x30KW 36 1300x1800mm 4000x1650x2930mm 15500kg
FS160140 2×30+2x45KW 50mm φ534 28 10-15rpm φ60mm 1600x1400mm 4160x2200x3630mm 17000kg
FS160160 2×30+2x45KW 32 1600x1600mm 4360x2200x3630mm 18000kg
FS160200 2×30+2x45KW 36 1600x2000mm 4560x2200x3630mm 19000kg


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