China Complete Turnkey Sunflower Oil Extraction Pressing Processing Production Line Making Machine

China Complete Turnkey Sunflower Oil Extraction Pressing Processing Production Line Making Machine

Product Description

Production description
Golden sunflower seed oil, refreshing texture, it contains vitamins A, B, D and E, and rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

The basic process: sunflower seed leaning—shelling-crushing—cooking-pre-pressing—sunflower oil extraction by solvent—sunflower oil refinery—-filling.

Technology configuration of Henan huatai sunflower seed oil extraction machine design process depending on customer requirements and customers budget, under normal circumstances, process engineers will configure the latest technology to customers.

Our sunflower oil extraction machine process characteristics:

1, using henan huatai patented technology oil extractor, adopt different oil extractor according to different capacity, good penetration effect, wet meal containing dissolved low, residual oil meal 1.0% in less solvent, increasing the mixed oil concentration, reduce in the amount of solvent evaporation;
2, Huatai oil extractor compact structure, easy to transport;
3, the use of heat exchangers heat recovery, save energy and heat.

Henan huatai sunflower oil extraction machinery has four workshops:

1. Pretreatment workshop: it is used to process raw material into suitable condition for extraction through cleaning, stones removal, impurities removal, crushing, softening and conditioning, flaking ,drying and other processes.

2. Extraction workshop: it includes oil extraction, wet meal toasting, miscella evaporation, solvent recovery, exhaust gas recovery with paraffin and other processes.

3. Refining workshop: add hot water to remove phospholipids, decolorization (removing pigment from oil to make oil clear and transparent) through adsorption of active bleaching clay,continuous physical deacidification and deodorization.

4. Refined oil filling workshop.


Part  photos of sunflower oil making workshop



Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details: Packed in full container
Delivery Time: 60 working days after receiving deposit

Our Services

1. Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd has a professional R&D team, which is responsible for providing the customers customized technical proposal according to the customers’ requirements.

2. Our factory is equipped with a standard professional production workshop which makes sure that we can complete equipment manufacturing with high quality and deliver on time.

3. We hava a professional installation and commissioning team wich ensures the efficient equipment installation and commissioning.

4. We have a perfect after-sale service which is always online and ready to solve any problem for you.

Part of Our Overseas Projects

No. Country  Project Name
1 Tajikistan 50T/D Cottonseed Cake Extraction Project
2 Kazakhstan 3T/D High-class Cooking Oil Refining Project
3 Kazakhstan 120T/D Sunflower seed prepressing, extraction and refining project
4 Uzbekistan 80T/D Sunflower Seed Cake Extraction,50T/D Sunflower Oil Refining Project
5 Uzbekistan 50T/D Sunflower Seed,Soybean,Cottonseed Making Oil Project
6 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Prepressing, Soybean Pretreatment, 100T/D Micro-negative Pressure Extraction and 20T/D Grade 1 Oil Refining Project
7 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Prepressing, Soybean Pretreatment, 100T/D Micro-negative Pressure Extraction and 30T/D Oil Refining Project
8 Russia 50T/D Soybean Pretreatment, 50T/D Solvent Extraction and 10T/D Soybean Oil Project
9 Russia 10T/D Rapeseed Oil Pressing Project
10 Estonia 10T/D Biodiesel Distillation Project
11 Sri Lanka 30T/D Chicken Oil Pressing, 20T/D Chicken Refining Project
12 Indonesia 20T/D Coconut Oil Pressing,10T/D Oil Refining Project
13 Indonesia 3T/D Fragrant Sesame Oil Project
14 Indonesia 3T/D Oil Refining Machine
15 Thailand 10T/H Palm Oil Renovation Project
16 Thailand 45T/H Palm Fruit Sterilization Tank
17 Thailand 2T/D Palm Oil Refining Project
18 Bangladesh 30T/D Rice Bran Making Oil Project
19 Bangladesh  100T/D Rice Bran Making Oil Project
20 Bangladesh  30TPD Sunflower Seed, Mustard Seed Making Oil Project,30T/D Fully Continuous Oil Refining Project
21 Bangladesh 15T/D Rapeseed Oil Refining Project
22 Cambodia 30T/D Rice Bran Making Oil Project
23 The Philippines 30T/D Corn Germ Pressing and Refining Project
24 The Philippines 15T/D Corn Processing Project
25 Myanmar 3T/D Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine
26 Solomon Islands 3T/D Coconut Oil Deacidification & Deodorization Project
27 Bolivia 60T/D Soybean Oil Refining Project
28 Peru  50T/D Palm Oil Refining Project
29 Peru 50T/D Palm Oil Deacidification & Deodorization Project
30 Peru 150T/D Soybean/Palm/Sunflower Oil Refining Project
31 Egypt 100T/D Soybean Pretreatment and Extraction Project
32 Egypt 20T/D Soybean Oil Refining Project
33 Egypt 10T/D Cottonseed Oil Refining Project
34 Sudan 30T/D Peanut Oil Pressing, 15T/D Peanut Oil Refining Project.
35 Ethiopia 50T/D Soybean Oil Refining Project
36 Ethiopia 100T/D Corn Processing Project
37 Ethiopia 15T/D Peanut and Sunflower Seeds Pressing,5T/D Oil Refining Project
38 Djibouti 2T/D Sunflower Oil Dewaxing Machine
39 Nigeria 5T/H Palm Fruit and Kernel Pressing Project
40 Nigeria 20T/D Palm Oil Refining and Fractionation Project
41 Nigeria 50T/D Peanut Pressing, 15T/D Peanut Oil Refining Project
42 Ghana 20T/D Corn flour production line
43 Cameroon 5T/D Palm Oil Stirring Tank
44 Congo 0.5T/H Palm Oil Making Soap Project
45 Rwanda 10T/D Palm Oil Refining Project
46 Tanzania  20T/D Sunflower Seeds Pressing, 5T/D Refining Project
47 Malawi 2T/D Oil Refining Machine
48 Swaziland 30T/D Oil Refining Machine

Company Information

Henan Huatai Cereals & Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd, which was founded in 1950, has nearly 60 year history. Our factory is the biggest oil machinery manufacturer in Asia. We specialize in manufacturing turn kery complete oil production line for different oil seeds like: soybean seed, rice bran oil , sunflower seed, peanut, corn germ, cotton seed, sesame and so on. We are always ready to supply you equipment with the best quality and service.
Henan Huatai oil processing equipment sold in more than 30 provinces and cities in China and exported to the United States, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Bolivia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Rwanda, Nigeria, more than 130 countries and regions.Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd constants on the goal of Chinese leading food and oil machinery engineer, leading on advancement of oil industry. We are ready to meet all challenge and opportunities with full confidence and energy.Huatai machineryhas developed into a large-scale oil machinery manufacturing base in China. 


We Can Provide Design, Manufacture, Installation, Calibration And After Service Of Cottonseed Pre-Pressing & Extraction &Refining Production Line.
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