China Complete sunflower seeds oil production line for cooking oil

China Complete sunflower seeds oil production line for cooking oil

Product Description

                                             Sunflower seeds Pressing Plant

I. Flow chart for Oil pressing equipment
Sunflower seed→ cleaning, stones removal, dehull→ Magnetic selection →crushing→ embryo rolling →steam-cooking →oil pressing →crude oil filtering →crude oil →to refining workshop

II. Machines matched for Oil pressing equipment
  Main machine list:

No Equipment Name Qty
1 Cleaning screen 1
2 De-stoner 1
3 Dust collector 1
4 Bucket elevator 3
5 Crushing machine 1
6 Flaking machine 1
7 Steam-cooking pot 1
8 Screw conveyor 1
9 Screw oil press 1
10 Vibrating filter 1
11 Steam distributor 1
12 Electricity & Control 1

Sunflower seeds pretreatment workshop brief introductionSunflower seeds, as one kind of oilseeds with high oil content, need pretreatment for pre-pressing and then with extractor to extract oil from pressing cake. Pretreatment process mainly includes cleaning, de-stoning, shelling, crushing, flaking, cooking and other processes.

1.Cleaning. Use magnetic selector to remove metal impurities and remove other impurities with cleaning screen, specific gravity stoner   and dust remover. If its sunflower seeds for oil usage, shelling is not required; if for edible type, shelling is required.
2.Crushing. Use crusher to crush sunflower seeds into pieces so as to get smaller particle size for flaking.
3.Flaking. Roll sunflower seeds particles into flakes with flaking roll, so as to break its cellular structure and then separate oil easier when extracting.
4.Cooking. Through adjusting sunflower seeds flakes to suitable moisture and temperature to break internal structure of sunflower seeds so as to separate oil from oilseeds.
5.Oil pressing. Use oil press to press cooked flakes through physical mechanical press.
      Sunflower oil refinery plant 

I. Flow chart:
Crude oil→ dephospholipid removal, degumming, water washing→ drying and dehydration → decolorization(bleaching)→ deodorization→dewaxing→grade 1 sunflower oil.

II. General description of oil refinery
Add hot water to remove phospholipids, decolorization (removing pigment from oil to make oil clear and transparent) through adsorption of active bleaching clay, continuous physical deacidification and deodorization.

1.Degumming, alkali refining deacidification,water washing and drying.Through adding hot water and food grade phosphoric acid to remove hydratable phospholipids and nonhydratable phospholipids.Then add caustic soda to neutralize free fatty acid to decrease acid value.
2.Decolorization. Add active bleaching clay, and remove pigment from oil through adsorption of active bleaching clay.
3.Deacidification and .Remove free fatty acid from oil to decrease acid value.Use deacidification pot for batch deacidification and deacidification tower for continuous deacidification.
4.Deodorization. Remove odor from oil.Deodorization pot is used for batch oil deodorization, and deodorization tower is used for continuous deodorization.
5.Dewaxing.Through cooling crystallization to separate wax,then use filter to remove wax.

Main machine list

No. Name Qty
1 Decolorizer 1
2 Leaf vibrating filter 1
4 Steam superheater 1
5 Safety filter 2
6 Deordorizer 1
7 Fatty acid collector 1
8 Cooler 1
9 Polishing filter 2
10 Filling machine 1

Part photo of oil  workshop

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