China Factory Offer Tianchi Cheap Price Olive Oil Packing Machine for Sale

China Factory Offer Tianchi Cheap Price Olive Oil Packing Machine for Sale

Product Description

Product Description

Liquid packing machine:
1. Stainless steel surrounds the parts in contact with the material. The machine complies with European CE standards.
2. Computer controller, an advanced frequency converter.
3. Unique embedded sealing, enhanced heat sealing mechanism, intelligent thermostat, with heat balance, suitable for various packaging materials, good performance, clear sealing texture and firm sealing.
4. The water pump metering adjustment device can adjust the packaging volume during the operation of the machine, reduce material loss and improve production efficiency.
5. The bag-making system adopts stepper motor subdivision technology with high accuracy and error less than 0.5mm.

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Features of liquid packaging machine:

1 The automatic liquid packaging machine can automatically complete the entire process of fastener transportation, metering, filling, bag making, date printing, heat sealing and cutting of the loading (exhaust) table.
2 Imported servo film drive system and color sensor, accurate positioning, exquisite packaging and excellent performance.
3 We have installed a constant temperature heating system to ensure the temperature is stable and maintain a temperature of +/- 1°c.
After Sales Service

Pre-sale service:
1. We will provide the best sales service.
2. Provide professional packaging video so that you can experience our machine directly.
3. According to the special requirements of customers, provide reasonable solutions and free designs to help select equipment.
Sales service:
1. Design customized packaging machine for any special packaging.
2. Sample test support.
3. Welcome to visit our factory.
After-sales service:
1. Provide machine installation, adjustment, setting, maintenance management/manual/video tape, which can show the installation process of the packaging machine.
2. We provide free installation training in the factory.
3. We have an independent after-sales service team. In any emergency, please contact the sales staff to communicate via telecommunications or online;
4. Machine warranty period: 1 year (electrical accessories), free lifetime technical maintenance (excluding transportation).

Parameters Table

Model NO.
three-side seal 1-200g

Material Type


Packaging Material

+/- 1


Transport Package



Zhengzhou, China

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