China Ce Certified Biodiesel Making Purpose Used Cooking Oil Filter Machine

China Ce Certified Biodiesel Making Purpose Used Cooking Oil Filter Machine

Product Description

Vacuum oil purifier machine for UCO, vegetable oil, editable oil etc

(COP Series)

-Best selling oil purifier for processing cooking oil, coconut oil,animal oil etc. For further making biodiesel, soap, animal feeds…



COP Series vacuum oil purifier is applied to purify used cooking oil, vegetable oil, coco oil, sunflower oil, trench oil, swill oil, animal oil, lubricating oil etc. It is an ideal purification machine for biodiesel factory, animal feed factory etc.  It  effectively removes particles, water, gases and alcohol etc from the oil.
With our oil decoloration machine TYS, it can also effectively remove the dark color from oil.


1. The filters of COP machine is made of the stainless steel, anti-rust and anti-corrupt. It makes sure the filtered oil is completely clear without impurities. The precision is quite high and the service life is long. Also, it has a big capacity for storing the impurities.
2. After the water separator treat the oil, it just contains the tiny water and soluble water, which will be further removed in next process.
3. The vacuum separator adopts three-dimensional duplex evaporation and film evaporation. The tiny water, soluble water, acid, alcohol, other volatility liquid and so on can be removed completely and effectively.
4. It adopts back flushing system, which can clear impurities automatically.
5. Simple operation, reliable, and safe.

Technical Parameter

Parameters Unit COP-10 COP-20 COP-30 COP-50 COP-100 COP-150 COP-200 COP-300
Flow Rate L/min 10 20 30 50 100 150 200 300
Work Vacuum MPa -0.06 ~ -0.095
Work Pressure MPa ≤0.4
Temperature ºC 0 ~ 100
Power supply 380V,50Hz, 3 phase (or as needed)
Working noise dB(A) ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 ≤78 ≤78 ≤78 ≤80 ≤82
Heating power KW 36 40 45 72 80 90 120 135
Total power KW 38 42 47 75 87 101 135 147
Inlet/outlet mm 25 25 25 32 42 50 50 60
Net weight Kg 450 550 600 750 850 1000 1200 1500
Overall dimensions mm 1500×1000

Oil index after treated

Item Guarantee indexes
Moisture content ≤50 PPM
Demulsification value New oil≤15min, running oil≤30min
Impurity size ≤1 micron (no free carbon)
Gas content ≤0.1%
Clean degree ≤4 Grade (NAS1638)

Advanced type COP-20 model at our customer’s working site (for UCO pre-treatment of biodiesel production)

COP can also be equipped with weather-proof and dust proof metal enclosure

About us
Chongqing TOP Oil Purifier Co.,LTD is a professional leading manufacturer and supplier of oil purifiers and various related testers, located at Chongqing city–a southwest electromechanical manufacturing center as well as national municipality. We consists of departments respectively for technological development, machinery manufacture, instrument manufacture, quality control etc. On basis of mature development and manufacture technology and highly qualified production management team, the products own high quality, easy operation, excellent performance and lone service life.

If you are interested in this oil purifier or other related equipment, welcome to contact me for more information.

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Parameters Table

Model NO.
COP Series

Grey, Yellow, Blue, Green etc.

Delivery Time
Around 15 Working Days

Moisture After

Filtration Accuracy
<1 Micron

Gas Content

Transport Package
Standard Export Wooden Case


Chongqing TOP Oil Purifier

Chongqing, China

HS Code

Production Capacity
50 Sets / Month