China Ce Certificate Hydraulic Oil Coalescence Filter Machine (TYA

China Ce Certificate Hydraulic Oil Coalescence Filter Machine (TYA

Product Description

CE Certificate Hydraulic Oil Coalescence Filter Machine(TYA-50)

Product Application
Series TYA lube oil purifier is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, oil field, chemistry, mine, electric power generation plant,
transportation and manufacturing enterprises for hydraulic oil, gear oil, engine oil, compression oil, freezer oil,
heat treatment oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil and other industrial oils. It can remove water, gas and eliminate
mechanical impurities, light acid and light hydrocarbon from oil, and improve oil quality, resume its lubricating
property and ensure normal operation of the equipment.

Product Features
1. Three grades filtering structure, including primary filter, second filter and fine filter. Large capacity for holding
particles, Multi-stage filtration system to ensure high filtration precision.
2. Special polymer materials as filter medium with the functions of broken emulsion, dewatering, removing particles
3. Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology, equips with unique and advanced dewatering, degassing components, can
rapidly and effectively remove water, gas, particles and volatile matter (such as alcohol, gasoline, ammonia etc.)
4. Automatic backwashing system, improving working efficiency
5. Advanced air cooling system
6. Adopts interlocked protective system, which connect oil pump, heater and liquid level sensor, avoiding blank
heating, blank pumping, oil leak and electricity leak. If there is any fault, machine will be power off automatically.
7. Efficient electric heating system, heating uniformity, less power consumption, safe, and reliable.
8. High quality filtering components, large capacity for holding particles, anti-corrosion, good mechanical
performance, long lifetime.

Technical Parameter

Parameters Unit TYA-10 TYA -20 TYA -30 TYA -50 TYA -100 TYA -150 TYA -200 TYA -300
Flow rate L/h 600 1200 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000
Vacuum degree Mpa -0.06 ~- 0.095
Working pressure Mpa ≤0.4
Temperature degree °C 0~100
Power supply   3Phase, 380V, 50Hz(or as needed)
Working noise dB(A) ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 ≤78 ≤78 ≤78 ≤80 ≤82
Electric heating power kW 36 40 45 72 80 90 120 135
Total electric power kW 38 42 47 75 87 101 135 147
Inlet (outlet) caliber mm 25 25 25 32 42 50 50 60
Size mm 1500x1000x 1600 1500x1050x 1600 1500x1050x1650 1600x1150x1700 1750x1150x1750 1900x1600x1950 1950x1600x1950 2100x1600x2000
Weight Kg 350 380 400 450 550 650 700 750
Item Guarantee indexes
Moisture content ≤50 PPM
Demulsification value New oil≤15min,running oil≤30min
Impurity size ≤1 micron
Gas content ≤0.1%

Good economic benefits, widely application, it is suitable for purifying various old lube oil in petroleum, chemical,
mining, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, machinery manufacturing, railway and so on.
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Q: why is it important to have purified oil in a transformer?
A: Dissolved gasses in transformer oil can cause arcing, corona discharges, and overheating–reducing  the  electrical efficiency and lifetime of the transformer. Likewise, water contamination at levels as low as 30 ppm
(parts per million) can adversely affect the insulating strength of the oil. With ever-increasing  standards for  energy efficiency of power distribution transformers, the need to effectively degas will become even more
important in the future.

Company Information
Chongqing TOP Oil Purifier Co.,Ltd is a leading professional manufacture of oil purifiers from China. We
practiced in this line for more than 20 years and grown to be a full skilled team in tech research, operating,
producing with rich experience.We work out oil solution projects aiming at customers’ oil problems and needs.
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Our products help you:
? save oil change cost
? solve oil disposal problem
? keep equipment working more efficiently
? protect machinery and reduce maintenance time
? create a cleaner environment
Lubricating oil purifier
Series TYA: TOP vacuum lubricating oil purifier
Series TYC: TOP vacuum lubricating oil regeneration purifier
Series TYA-A TOP PLC type automatic vacuum lubricant oil purifier
Series TYA-I: TOP vacuum phosphate ester fire-resistant oil purifier
Series TYA-W: TOP weatherproof enclosed type vacuum lubricant oil purifier
Series TYA-M: TOP mobile trailer type vacuum lubricant oil purifier

Our company also have others oil purifiers,such as transformer oil purifier,turbine oil purifier,used cooking oil treatment plant,engine oil recycling machine etc,.

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Parameters Table

Model NO.

Impurity Size
1 Micron

Moisture Content
50 Ppm

Transport Package
Wooden Case




HS Code

Production Capacity
200 Sets/Month