China Ce Approval Tyr Series Large Capacity Vacuum Olive Oil Decoloring Purification Machine (TYR)

China Ce Approval Tyr Series Large Capacity Vacuum Olive Oil Decoloring Purification Machine (TYR)

Product Description

Demulsify Diesel Fuel Decolor Filter Machine(TYR series) consists of vacuum filtration system,oil deodorizer system.TYR adopts vacuum system,which can quickly&effectively remove out impurities and recover the oil color to original color. 


This machine uses our special additive to discolor, which is pure natural and has high efficiency. It can treat red diesel oil,hydraulic oil, machinery oil, coolant oil, cooking oil, coconut oil in oil field, mine, metallurgy, electricity, transportation, manufacturing, food industry. 


The treated oil is very clear and transparent. In the whole treatment process, it adopts purely physical treatment without breaking down the components of oils. It can also be equipped with waste oil distillation plant to highly improve the dark oil color after distillation process.

1. Strong purifying ability, removing the fine particles by the fine filtration system with large area and deep level.
2.A utomatic back-flushing function: automatically cleaning and purifying a lot of impurities left after treatment.

3. Advanced dielectric absorption cooling system.
4. Pressure protection device, auto heating with temperature control, auto condensed water separating apparatus, drainage in the online operating process, easy to operate, reliable and safe.
5. High quality filter material, large dirt holding capacity, strong corrosion and heat resistance. High mechanical strength, high accuracy of purifying and long service life.
6. Unique degassing and dewatering system: stereoscopic evaporation technology, and multilevel oil water separating technology which can quickly separate water, gas and other impurities from the oils.


Item Unit TYR-20
Flow rate Ton/day 20
Vacuum degree MPa -0.06~-0.095
Working pressure MPa ≤ 0.4
Temperature degree   0~100
Power supply   380V/50HZ/3Ph 5 wire(as customer’s requirement)
Working noise dB(A) ≤65~80
Working time H ≥ 4000
Continuous working time H 150
Electric heating degree kW 36
Total electric power kW 38
Outlet(inlet)caliber mm Φ25
Weight kg 350
Size mm 1500*1000*1600
Moisture content PPM ≤50
Gas content % 0.1
Demulsification value min ≤15
Degree of cleanliness NAS 1638 4
Impurity size μm ≤1((Customerizable)
Color L ≤2

After Treat with our TYR


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Clean Degree
≤4 Grade (Nas1638)

Gas Content

Filter Element
Stainless Steel

Transport Package
Standard Export Wooden Case


Chongqing TOP Oil Purifier


HS Code

Production Capacity
150 Sets/Month