China Blanking Lines

China Blanking Lines

Product Description

Blanking Lines – Full Coil Processing Lines with stamping press machine for high production quality


The Coil blanking line integrates coil car, uncoiling machine, leveling machine,  loop briage, servo-feeder, hydraulic cutting system, stamping press,  cutting pieces sorting platform, stacking device, electrical control system, improve the whole production line flexibility and automation. The Coil blanking linesystem is more efficient and productive.

Applicable Material:

Material Type: Uncoated cold rolled plate, Hot rolled pickling plate, High strength cold rolled plate, Galvanized plate, High strength hot rolled plate etc.
Material Thickness: 0.8-3.6mm
Coil Width: 200-1800mm
Yield strength: 245-980 N/mm2
Tensile Strength: 392-1180 N/mm2
Coil inner diameter:  Φ610mm
Coil outer diameter:  Φ1200-Φ1800mm
Loading weight: 20000KG

Finished Product

Finished Product Shape: Square, round or rectangular or irregular shape parts etc depends on the progressive die.
Finished Product Length: 40-2000mm
Finished Product Width: 200-1800mm
Length accuracy:  ±0.15mm (≤500mm);
±0.3mm  (>1000mm)
±1.0mm  (Tail material)
Burr: ≤0.1*t(t=0.5~1.0mm);≤0.05*t(t=1.1~3.0mm)


Decoiler Part with Coil Car

1. Automatic loading coil car

Automatically lift the coil to the mandrel of the Decoiler Machine with loading coil car. And then the mandrel can expand and clamp the coil.
a) Loading capacity 20T
b) Up-and-down movement the coil car by hydraulic cylinder
c) Horizontal movement by hydraulic motor
d) 2 Coil well-knit, no disperse

2. Decoiler:

a) Coil loading type: Single head with cantilever
b) Max. loading capacity: 20ton
c) Expansion type: Hydraulic
d) Brake type: pneumatic, stable and safe, also can prolong lifetime of the power system
e) Mandrel hydraulic expansion system. The hydraulic station provide power to drive the hydraulic cylinder to expand & draw back the mandrel to clamp coil or release the coil.
f) Press arm device to hold the strips, preventing coil loose. Further more, the press arm equipped with a PU roller to hold the strips, don`t scratching strip surface.
g) Support arm device. Driven by hydraulic-cylinder, it was use to guide and support strips, Further more, several sets of rollers installed in the device, and all rollers were chrome plated, the surface is very smooth, preventing scratching material surface.
h) Limit arm device, clamping coil in width direction, preventing coil collapsing when coil were too narrow. Further more, the width between two back gauge arms were designed adjustable by operate the manual wheels, coil width range is 70mm-1800mm.
i) Machine equipped with hydraulic station, providing oil pressure to drive the mandrel expansion & contraction and hydraulic cylinder.
j) Sensor device: electric eye loop control system, stable, safe and long lifetime. With the electric eye loop control system, the decoiler release strips automatically.(you can refer to the following image)

6 HI Struction Levelling machine

a) Structure: motor driven, synchronous belt transmission, gear transmission
b) Driven Mo: Yaskawa, Japan
c) Straightening roller: 19 (upper 9/down 10)
d) Pinch roller: 2pcs
All the roller material is GCr15, after quenched, high frequency annealing, the hardness is HRC58°-60°and then precision polishing.
g) Gear: Material adopted 40Cr. The center quenched, teeth high frequency annealing and precision polishing.
h) Straightening adjustment: eccentric turbine worm adjustment, dial indicator display; Electric adjustment can be provided alsoi) The entrance clamping roller: 2pcs

Loop Bridge

Due to the high speed requirements, when the strips achieve a high flatness and high speed, it needs the loop bridge for a buffer zone to load the strips into feeder machine smoothly.
The rollers on the automatic loop control bridge are all rubber coated to protect the material from scratch.
There is a servo roller feeder machine at the end of the loop bridge to feed the strip into the next workstation. 

Servo Feeder

i) The entrance clamping roller: 2pcs
j) Release type: pneumatic
k) Feeding control: get signal from press encode or cam box, and controlled by PLC and display on HMI.
l) Material input guide roller: 1 group (manual adjustment)
m) Coil Inlet device. It equipped with chrome-plated rollers and guided strips to go through the straightening part.
n) Straightening device. It was mainly to press and flat coil head and end of the coil. Usually, the coil head is curvy, if without this device, the material is hard to go through the straightening part. But with this device, when the strips comes then entrance of the straightening part, the tip flatness device and press and flat the coil head and go through straightening device smoothly.
o) Handwheel: The operator crank the manual handle to adjust the accuracy of the straightening part.
p) Outlet bracket: assistant support material device. It was mainly used to guide strips from straightening part to press machine.
q) Control box. It was mainly used when coil run out and need to change a new coil and let the strips go though the straightening part at manual model.
r) HMI. The operator operate the machine and set data in this device.
s) Worm gear screw jacks device. It main used to adjust the height of feeding line.

Stamping Press

Automatic Stack Device and Conveying

The servo feeder feeds the metal coil to stamping press and progressive die .A blanking line is a process where square, round or rectangular or irregular shape parts are mechanically or hydraulically pressed or stamped out of a coil. After pressed the metal strip into desired length metal plates, automatic stack device and conveyor will deliver them to the next work station. The roller conveyor has an adjustable length to fit different parts production lines.

Machine Pictures



1. What’s payment terms?

SUNRUI MACHINE receives T/T payment and LC at sight when the amount over USD15000.00.

2. What’s your coil equipment leading time?

For standard decoiler, straightener or feeders, the usually lead time is about 10-25 workdays, but we usually have machines in stock. Please contact with our sales if you need the coil handling equipment urgently.

For compact coil feed lines or whole metal stamping lines, it needs 30-70 workdays depends on different specifications and production plan in our factory.

For Coil blanking line , it needs 100-120 workdays depends on depends on different specifications and production plan in our factory.

3. What’s warranty time of your machine?

Usually the warranty time is 12 months. Also the warranty time can be extend acorrding the specific requirements.

4. What after-sales service does SUNRUI provide?

For the standard decoiler straightener feeder machine, it’s easy to install and debug it, most of our customers can do it by themselves; And what’s more, our technical engineer can teach your operators how to install  and operate it. SUNRUI machine on-site training will avoid operational problems that are easy to occur at the beginning of production. The training after sales service will create more value for your employees.

For the compact coil feed machine and complete metal stamping line, SUNRUI can arrange engineers to go overseas for the coil handling equipment installation. They guide the customer’s operators on-site. Then the commissioning phase will smoothly enter into the mass production phase.

5. What’s the package of your coil feeding machine?

For standard small decoiler, straightener, feeder which go LCL shipping, SUNRUI machine will use plastic films cover the equiment, and then fix it into a woodencase.

For the coil feed lines and complete line which go FCL shipping, SUNRUI machine will fix each part with ropes on the shipping container and then wrapped them with plastic films.

Here with some pictures for your reference.

Parameters Table

Coil Thickness

Coil I.D

Coil O.D

Loading Weight

Feeding Speed

Equipped Machine
Stamp Press, Hydraulic Press Machine

Control System
PLC Control

Power Driven
Yaskawa, Japan

Auto Part,

Transmission Type

Automatic Production Line

Transport Package
Container or Flat Rack




HS Code

Production Capacity