China Automatic Liquid Hand Gel Plastic Bottling Machine for Sticky Soybean Oil

China Automatic Liquid Hand Gel Plastic Bottling Machine for Sticky Soybean Oil

Product Description

Automatic liquid hand gel plastic bottling machine for sticky soybean oil

This machine is suitable for all kinds of viscous, non-viscous and corrosive liquids etc. It is widely used in plant oils,
engine oils, chemical liquids, daily chemical liquids etc. This equipment is mechatronics. It is very convenient to
replace bottle samples or liquids. unique design and superior performance. It meets all requirements of customers.
Siemens PLC control system, with control protection function, vacuum leak-proof device, to ensure no leaking situation
during production, electric adjusting for volume system, frequency conversion control and photoelectric control with
German TURCK brand.
Feeding conveyor:
1 easily to change the bottle shape
2. Rise the speed
3. Connect the bottle feeding part
4. Could add the bottle stopping device
5. Air conveyor for the plastic bottle, screw conveyor for the glass bottle 
Filling parts
1. No bottle no filling
2. Same filling level of all the bottles, adjustable filling level 
3.Filling precision ≤±2mm
4. Vacuum filling method
5. No dropping 
Capping part 
1.PCO ,plastic cap, metal cap, aluminum cap bottle no capping
3.two sensor to check, PLC control full no capping
5. Place & capping system, electromagnetic capping heads, with burden discharge function, make sure minimum bottle crash during capping
6. All 304stainless steel construction
7. Automatic stop when lack of bottle
8. Automatic caps arranging and feeding, lack of caps automatic feeding
Lamp checker 
Clearly to see the filled bottle
Vacuum tank and pump 
Because the liquid contains the foam , so not only the valve has the degas feature, we also need the fit the vacuum pump and tank, to suck all the foam from the liquid ,  and send to the vacuum tank through the vacuum pump
Electrical apparatus 
PLC/ transducer/ touch screen: siemens
Contactor/ air switch/ stabilized voltage supply: Schneider
Photo electricity/ proximity switch: Atonics
Cylinder: Air tack

Filling heads 4 6 8 10 12 16
Capacity(1L/bottle/h) 600-1200 1000-1600 1600-2200 2200-2800 2800-3200 3200-4000
Filling volume(ml) 200-1000/ 500-3000/1000-5000
Filling tolerance ±0.5%
Gas pressure(Mpa) 0.55-0.8Mpa
Gas consumption(Mpa) 0.8 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8
Motor power(kw) 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.6 1.8

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Filling Principle

Packaging Container Lifting Structure
Pneumatic Lifting



Packaging Material
Wooden Package

Product Name
Oil Filling Machine


Bottle Type
Plastic/Glass Bottle

Bottle Shape
Round/Square Bottle

Bottle Size
0.2-5L,Can Be Customized

Filling Tolerance

Gas Pressure

24 Months

Machine Material
Stainless Steel 304/316

Transport Package
Wooden Package


Honor Machine


HS Code

Production Capacity