China Automatic 3 Phase Horizontal Spiral Centrifugal Machine for Waster Oil

China Automatic 3 Phase Horizontal Spiral Centrifugal Machine for Waster Oil

Product Description

Product Description
Horizontal screw centrifuge is for 0.002-3mm material for clarification, separation, dehydration, or classify 1um-
5um solid phased particles. It is wide application range, work continuously, large processing capacity, low cost,
convenient maintenance and so on. It is the best equipment for separating solid-liquid. It is widely used in
chemical industry, light industry, medicine, food, paper making, mining and other industries.

Structural drawing
Three-phase horizontal screw centrifuge is mainly composed of driving part, drum and spiral conveyor. Compact
structure, small volume, its operation, on the basis of principle of settlement, is solid particles which is heavier
than the liquid, in a predetermined time to precipitate out. For both proportion difference and not mutually soluble
liquid, can also use the same principle. After the material into the high speed rotating drum. The material inside
the drum and the drum synchronous rotation. Due to the different proportion, the centrifugal force of different. Big
protection solid particles by the centrifugal force is the largest, then the water, dirty oil minimum, so according to
size by centrifugal force outside-in formed a concentric solid concentric layer and two layer. Solid launched by
screw conveyor, liquid from their drainage mouth out.

Technical paramete

Type Bowl diameter(mm) Bowl length/ Bowl diameter Bowl speed (r/min) Main Power(Kw)
LWS355 355 3.3-4.5 4000 15-18.5
LWS420 420 4.1 3600 22
LWS500 500 4.2 3000 30
LWS530 500 4.2 3000 30
LWS580 580 4.1 2800 45
LWS620 620 4 2800 45
Note: In case of differences between the table and the user manual, the latter shall prevail.

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