China Aquatic Weed Harvester with Low Fuel Oil Consumption

China Aquatic Weed Harvester with Low Fuel Oil Consumption

Product Description

 Relong Aquatic weed harvester


1.This ship is a steel ship with two ends and a single pontoon. It adopts transversal ribs and longitudinal frame structure, which completely conforms to the requirements of hydro mechanics and reduces the resistance to the lowest. Thus the efficiency of the ship is improve

2.This ship is mainly used for collecting and salvaging the algae in lakes and rivers. At the same time, the algae can be filtered, draining, dried into algae biscuit directly on the ship, and all the collecting, filtration, draining can be completed by one man via controlling the control desk in the operation room, which is easy and convenient.

3.The algae collecting inlet is equipped at the bow, and the sundries filter drum is equipped inside, which can prevent the suction of big garbage and avoid damage of algae collecting pimp.

4.The algae collecting inlet can adjust collecting depth according to requirements via a hydraulic jacking device. The adjusting width is 1.7 – 4.5m.

Model RL-AWH700 RL-AWH900 RL-AWH1300 RL-AWH1600 RL-AWH2100
Overall size(LxWxH)m 7.3*2.4*2.7 9.5*3.6*2.8 13.5*4*2.8 16*4.5*4.2 21*6*5.3
Hull size(LxWxH)m 4.3*1.9*0.9 6*2.8*1 8*3*1 9*3*1 11.6*1.8*1.5
Draft empty(m) 0.2/0.55 0.3 / 0.6 0.3 / 0.7 0.3 /0.7 0.5/1.1
Weight(kg) 1590 5000 8080 9500 20200
sailing/working  speed(km/hr) 6-8/ 2-3 6-8/ 2-3 6-8/ 2-3 6-8/ 2-3 10/3
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Relong Story 


Relong Environment Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province. It is a company dedicated to intelligent robots, ship design, water transportation equipment, marine water quality, and ecological environment testing, salvage services; industrial automatic control system devices, radar and supporting equipment, communication equipment, which is a high-tech enterprise integrating sales and artificial intelligence software development, including consulting, design, production, installation, and operation management.

Manufacture Process 
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1.The main advantages of our aquatic weed mowers compared with European and American equipment          
Our quality is stable, the price is low, and the delivery time is short

2.What aquatic plants do this harvester will cut?
Submerged plants, duckweed, reed, water hyacinth,  enteromorpha, and floating debris

3.What are the corresponding auxiliary treatments for different aquatic plants
   garbage: side collector arm/reed: rotary cutter /water hyacinth: collector wheels  enteromorpha: Direct open salvage

4.How does your company deal with product quality problems?
   For product quality problems caused by non-human factors, we provide a free warranty. After-sales delivery, accessories,            replacement, and maintenance costs caused by quality problems are all borne by us

5.How long is the service life of your product?

    Around 10 years, it can work continuously for 24 hours

6.How do you pack your products for overseas shipment?

   After splitting into containers or bulk cargo transportation

7.What is your delivery time
    Usually, it needs 40-60 days to manufacture. The delivery date depends on the specific situation of the mower


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Power Source

Harvest method

Drive Type
Paddle Wheel Driven

Hard Shaft

Portable Harvester Type
Side Hanging Type




Application Field


Transport Package

(1)Total Length 9.5 -21m (2)Total Width 4.1-6m



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