China Anon 100tpd Parboiled Rice Mill Plant New Style Automatic Rice Mill Design

China Anon 100tpd Parboiled Rice Mill Plant New Style Automatic Rice Mill Design

Product Description

ANON 100 TPD Parboiled Rice Huller Steamed Automatic Rice Mill Machine

Product Description
1/5 of world paddy are made into pre-boiled rice. Parboiling of paddy as name states is a hydrothermal process in which the starch granules with in the rice grain are gelatinized by the application of steam and hot water. Pre-Boiled rice has fully absorbed the nutrition of rice and has good flavor, also during the course of boiling it killed the pest and make rice easy to store. We can supply parboiled rice milling plant for you demand, such as 20TPD, 30TPD, 40TPD, 50TPD, 80TPD, 100TPD, 200TPD, 300TPD, 500TPD, 1000TPD and etc.

This process offers several advantages such as increased yield of head rice, increased shelf life of the grain, resistance towards fungus, rodents & insects, improved nutrition value of rice, resistance to infestation during storage, above all lower broken as compared to raw rice and induction of good cooking characteristics. Thus increase milling profits to rice mills.

System Including
Fast drying system
Wind net system
Packing system
Burning system
Rice milling system


Pre Cleaning  Removing all impurities and unfilled grains from raw paddy
De-stoning  Separating small stones from paddy
Preboiling Improve the nutritious quality and milling recovery percent during husking, polishing, whitening
Husking  Removing husk from paddy
Husk Aspiration  Separating the husk from brown rice/ unhusked paddy
Paddy Separation  Paddy Separation 
Whitening  Removing all or part of the bran layer and germ from brown rice
Polishing  Improving the appearance of milled rice by removing the remaining bran particles and by polishing
 the exterior of milled kernel
Color Sorting  Removing foreign materials such as colored, broken, immature and insected grains from milled rice
Length Grading  Separating small and large brokens from head rice
Blending  Mixing head rice with predetermined amount of brokens, as required by the customer
Weighing and Bagging  Preparing the milled rice for transport to the customer

Working Procedure
1. Paddy cleaning 
2. Soaking and cooking 
3. Fast drying
4. Low temperature cycling drying
5. Paddy husker
6. Paddy separator
7. Rice whitening
8. Rice polishing
9. Color sorter
10. Rice grade 
11. Scale and packing

Product Features 
1.) Unique design for equal and even air flow.
2.) Use of thick sheet for lower maintenance.
3.) Uniform drying of grain.
4.) Low power consumed in blowers.
5.) Thick baffles for slow and steady drying without formation of cracks in grain.
6.) Self cleaning and unique model or design.
7.) Also available in automatic electronically controlled variant.
8.) High capacity as number of baffles in chambers is more and storage in bin is minimized.
9.) Long storage life and short cooking time

Why Choose Anon
1.Our rice milling machines have been sold all over the world.As long as three is rice,there are our machines.From the plant drawing design,machines installations and after-sales services,we all have enjoyed good communications and established long terms cooperation with our customers already.
2. With advanced technology, the high quality of unit machine,high white rice yield,excellcnt polished rice quality and low price,our complete set of rice milling equipment series 18TPD to 200TPD,or rice mill with other higher capacity can be provided with customers’ demands.

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100TPD Parboiled




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100tpd in 24 Hours

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