China Air Separation High Output Gas Separation Equipment Skid Type Pressure Swing Adsorptin Nitrogen Generation with Carbon Molecular Sieve Used in Oil/Natural Gas

China Air Separation High Output Gas Separation Equipment Skid Type Pressure Swing Adsorptin Nitrogen Generation with Carbon Molecular Sieve Used in Oil/Natural Gas

Product Description

Shanghai Rich molecular sieve nitrogen generated equipment adopts a variety of patented technologies, has reached the international leading technology level, is a flexible, efficient, stable and reliable nitrogen supply equipment, with lower investment cost, lower operation cost, simple installation and operation, stable gas supply and other characteristics.

Main Technical Parameters

Flow for Nitrogen : 10~12000 m3/h(20ºC,101.325kPa)
Purity for Nitrogen : ≥97~99.9995%(accordingly)
Dew Point Under Normal Pressure : ≤-45ºC(accordingly)
Pressure for Nitrogen : 0.05~0.8Mpa(accordingly )

Patented Technology

1.Energy saving patent of unequal potential voltage equalizing process
Making acceptable purity gas quickly.
Obtaining nitrogen with the purity of 99.9995%
Energy-Saving is obvious
2.Unique patented cylinder compaction technology: the molecular sieve is automatically compensated, and the molecular sieve is always pressed, effectively extending the life of the molecular sieve, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment.
3.Program control valve patent technology: Sensitive control performance and optimal design, to ensure a million times of service life, is the ideal equipment for industrial automatic control.
4.Marketed load adaptation technology: advanced load adaptation enables further energy savings for variable operating conditions.
5.The patented STRUCTURE of THE SEAWEED adsorption tower: further enhances the efficiency of the molecular sieve and improves the efficiency of the equipment.

Functions and Characteristics
  1. The Purity, Pressure and Flow can be monitored online.
  2. Color Screen Operation System by Man and Machine.
  3. Sound and Light Alarm When unqualified gas occurred, Automatically stopped if longer alarm.
  4. The molecular sieve cylinder is automatically pressed, the lower limit of cylinder displacement is pressed and the sound and light alarm is triggered, and the limit is automatically stopped
  5. Automatically discharging pollution by dryer and filter.
  6. The switched programmable valve is automatically controlled by a programmable controller
  7. The unqualified gases are automatically vented
  8. Automatic reminder of maintenance for damaged parts
  9. The device starts with one click
10 years’ running costs comparison

The following takes nitrogen purity of 99.999% and 99.99% as an example to analyze the cost of three different gas supply methods: liquid nitrogen, standard type and energy saving type.

Our Main Models Nos.
Models Nitrogen Purity Nitrogen Flow
BGPN 97% 100 till 8000Nm3/h
98% 100 till 7000Nm3/h
99% 100 till 5400Nm3/h
99.5% 100 till 4500Nm3/h
99.9% 50 till 3200Nm3/h
99.95% 50 till 2800Nm3/h
99.99% 50 till 2000Nm3/h
99.995% 50 till 1500Nm3/h
99.999% 10 till 500Nm3/h
99.9995% 10till 300Nm3/h

Parameters Table

Model NO.






Dew Point
Less Than or Equal to -45c

Transport Package
Standard Export Package



Shanghai, China

HS Code

Production Capacity
10 Sets Per Month