China Agricultural Machine Rice Bran Oil Processing Machine Rice Peeling Machine Mini Rice Bran Oil Mill Plant

China Agricultural Machine Rice Bran Oil Processing Machine Rice Peeling Machine Mini Rice Bran Oil Mill Plant

Product Description

agricultural machine Rice Bran Oil Processing Machine rice peeling machine Mini Rice Bran Oil Mill Plant

What can we do:
1.Provide all kinds of oil machine: mini oil plant, oil extraction mill, oil refinery machine, small oil factionry mills, large oil processing line, etc.
2.Single oil machine and turnkey oil processing project are both available.
3.Oil plants include: coconut oil machine, palm oil mill, sesame oil plant, soya bean oil machine,rice bran oil extraction machine , peanut groundnut oil plant, rapeseed oil machine, corn germ oil machine and othervegetable oil plant.
4.Custom design for household oil machine and oil factory turnkey project with installing and adjusting.

Requirements for extraction cake ,steam ,water. electricity etc for rice bran:

Moisture of extraction material 5-8%
temperature of extraction material 50-55°C
oil content of extraction material 50-55°C
oil content of extraction material 14-18%
thickness of extraction cake less than 13mm
powder porosity of extraction material less than 15% (30 mesh)
steam more than 0.6Mpa
solvent national standard No. 6 solvent oil
electric powe 50HZ 3*380V±10%
Electric lighting 50HZ 220V ±10%
tempreture of supplement water less than 25°C
Hardness less than 10
volume of supplement water 1-2m/t raw material
temperature of recycle water less than 32°C

Quality requirements of oil refinery for Rice bran oil:

1,moisture and volatile matter of crude oil: less than 0.25%;

2,impurity content of crude oil: less than 0.2%,
3,acid value of crude oil(mgkoh/g): less than 7.

The simple processing of oil pretreatment includes pressing, high temperature pressing, cold pressing (less than 70 degrees) etc.
1,Formal oil pressing can adopt one time or twice pressing of oilseeds. It is applicable for low capacity required oil processing oil plant. 
2,High capacity oilseeds pretreatment and oil pressing equipped with oil extraction treatment, is used in high capacity and large-scale oil pressing plant, or high oil content oilseeds processing plant. 
3,Oil prepressing can get up 70% oil fat of embryo, and residual oil inside pre-pressed cake can be extracted by organic solvent.


Quality and Service Commitment:

Our company always put the interests of customers and product quality of the first place, and always adhere to the" no best, only better" as our purpose. We will be commitment to provide high quality products with perfect site services and after-sales service. Now the specific commitments as follows.

1. Ensure to timely provide complete sets of equipment and accessories.
2. Ensure that one-time installation and debugging guiding acceptance.
3. To provide high quality material with preferential price.
4. Priority to provide customer our new craftmanworks and products.
5.Free training technological operator to ensure the trained staff can independent operation.
6.In the installation process, we will appoint 1-5 installation supervision staffs on spot. we will offer an experienced project manager,  to guiding your installation and debugging and training your workers.
7.After the equipment field assembly and installation, we will be also responsible for the single equipment debugging, on-line debugging and Feeding trial operation ,to ensure that equipment can normal operate in full load conditions. We will provide all kinds of information and records according to the requirements of the bid. The qualified completion files will be provided to customers according to their requirements within one month after acceptance.


Parameters Table



Factory Direct Price

Rice Bran Oil Machine Price

Extraction Type
Solvent Extraction

High and Stable Quliaty

Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel

Different According to Request

Raw Material
Rice Bran, Soybean

Rice Bran Oil, Soybean Oil

Large Scale, Small Scale, Mini Scale

After-Sales Service Provided
Field Installation



Packaging Details

Product Name
Soybean Oil Machine Price


Transport Package
Poly Wood Package for Sea Freight

depend on different model



HS Code

Production Capacity