China 99.9% Gso Semi Finished Steroid Oils Grape Seed Oil for Steroid Injection

China 99.9% Gso Semi Finished Steroid Oils Grape Seed Oil for Steroid Injection

Product Description

99.9% GSO Semi Finished Steroid Oils Grape Seed Oil For Steroid Injection

Quick Details
Product name: Grape seed oil
Steroid Injection Brew Grape seed oil Medium chain triglycerides/MCT oil Mig 840 oil Ethyl oleate Benzyl Alcohol Benzyl benzoate Guaiacol For Sale
Alias: GSO, Grape seed oil extract
CAS: 8024-22-4
Einecs No: 287-896-9
Grade: Natural Plant Extract; Flavors & Fragrances
Storage: Shading, confined preservation
Usage : Grape seed oil is made .from selected grape seed obtained by cold pressing from refining natural products, rich in essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, rich in vitamin E, A, D and other fat-soluble vitamins and various trace element, is a rare natural high nutritional oils. Its nutritional value and medicinal value has been fully affirmed by scientists at home and abroad.

Grape seed oil Application:
1. Grape seed through the most advanced cold pressing method and refined, is one of the very popular in the base oil and the effect is outstanding varieties. Grape seed oil is a natural non-toxic properties, so children, pregnant women, the elderly and athletes are applicable.
2. antioxidant, dilute the stain
3. endocrine disorders caused by dry skin, reduce melanin, whitening skin, removing chloasma;
4. to stimulate cell division and tissue regeneration, activation of the surface cells, reduce wrinkles, delay aging;
5. inhibit and remove the body of free radicals, anti-cancer anti allergic effect.
6. anti prostate cancer, the role of anti liver tumor, but also against damage to the nervous system.

Product list

Product Name Purity
Testoste Enanthat  99%+
Testoste Cypionat 99%
Testoste Acetat 99%
Testoste Propionat 99%
Testoste Decanoat 99%
Testoste Phenylpropionat 98%+
Testoste Blend / Sustan250 99%
Testoste Undecanoat 99%
Testoste Isocaproat 99%
Fluoxymestero / Halotest 99%
Bolde undecanoat / Equipose 98%
Nandr Decanoat / Deca 99%+
Nandr Phenylpropiona/Deca Durabolin 99%+
Trenbo Acetat 99%+
Trenbo Enanthat 99%+
Trenbo Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate / Parabol 99%
Drostanol Propionat / Master Propionat 99%
Drostanol Enanthat / Master Enanthat 99%
Methenolo Acetat / Primobo Acetat 99%
Methenolo Enanthat / Primobol Enanthat 99%
Oxandro / Anav 99%
Metandien / Diana 99%
Oxymetho / Anadr 99%
Stanoz / winstr 99%
Mestero / Provir 99%
4-chlorinedehydro-methyl testoste/Turinab 99%
Methyl drostanol / Superdl /Methaste 99%
Nolva–dex 98%
Clomid 98%
Arimidex 99%
Le–tro 99%
Exe–mestane 99%
MK-677 99%+
MK-2866/Ostarine 99%
Gw501516/Cardarine 99%
Andarine/S-4 99%
Yk11 99%
SR9009 98%+
SR9011 99%
Ligandrol/LGD-4033 99%
RAD 140 99%
S-23 99%
Aicar 99%+
Trenavar 99%+
Halodrol 99%+
Epistane 99%+
Lorcaserin 99%+
Cetilistat 99%
Orlistat 99%
tadalafil 99.5%
dapoxetine 99%
Yohimbine 98%+
Avanafil 99%
Vardenafil 99%
Benzocaine 99.5%
Lidocaine 99.5%
Procaine Hcl 99.5%
Tetracaine 99.8%
dibucaine 99.5%
Sunfiram 98%+
Noopept 98%+
Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide 98%+
Oxytocin 99%+
Bimatoprost 99%
H–GH black tops/blue tops 10iu
H–CG 5000iu blue tops 5000iu
HMG 75iu 75iu

What is the way you ship?

Express: FedEx, UPS, EMS, DHL, USPS, TNT, DPD, Aramex etc
Our way of shipping the products is universal and secure.
The company name and other contents related to pharmacy are not written on the package slips.
The way of packing is regularly changed for a secure delivery.
The packages are small in order to avoid unwelcomed questions . If the order is big, then it will be divided into two or more packages

Can the packages be trackable?
YES, we provide tracking number and you can track on internet.

Where do you ship to?

Do you offer domestic shipping/remail shipping?
Yes we can ship to USA/UK/Canada/Australia/Germany etc warehouse first then to you.

Do you ensure your packing , what about customs, what happens if the package is retained?

We concern a lot about our safety system, we pack the orders as secure as possible. If a package is seized at customs, reships of seized orders will be done provided you have a copy of the letter to show us. If you receive a seizure letter, please contact us immediately with a scanned copy of the seizure letter, and also a new address to have your order reshipped to.

Which payment options are available?

Western Union
Bank wire

Company Profile
Shenzhen Changhua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. A leading supplier of fine chemical in China, is located in Shenzhen. The unique geographical conditions of Shenzhen are favorable for transportation.

The company invests large fund and brains to R&D department to research fine chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical & its intermediates products that fit the demand of the market. High level research group, advanced apparatus and good scientific atmosphere ensure the quality.

According to the GMP standard, the company has built 10000 m2 plant with the advanced equipment. The factory has a complete Q. A. & Q. C. System. We own several sets of analyzing instruments with high efficiency and high sensitivity, such as HPLC, GC and UV spectrophotometer to analyze and control the products. The company has gotten the approval of SGS to be as audited supplier. We have the authority of export and import. Our products are sold both in the domestic and international market and highly recommended by our clients. In order to develop the market further, we are eager to cooperate with the manufactory and trading company around the globe to make a prosperous future.


Parameters Table

Model NO.



Assay Test Method

Light Yellow Oily Liquid


Shelf Life
2 Years

Dry Place in Sealed Container

FedEx, UPS, EMS, DHL, Usps, TNT, Dpd, Aramex etc

Bitcoin, Western Union, Bank Wire, Moneygram

Transport Package
Safe Packing

l liter, 5 liters, 25 liters



HS Code

Production Capacity
2000kg Per Month