China 30t/D Copra Oil Pressing and 20t/D Copra Oil Refining Equipment

China 30t/D Copra Oil Pressing and 20t/D Copra Oil Refining Equipment

Product Description

Product Description

Brief introduction of crude oil refinery plant 
Oil refinery plant refers to a series of refining processes that can remove phospholipids, FFA, pigment, off-flavor and other impurities in the oil Edible oil refinery or vegetable oil refinery is essential to ensure removal of gums, waxes, phosphatides
Oil refinery plant usually includes the following sections: Degumming, Neutralization, Bleaching, Dewaxing and Deodorization. The process of removing these impurities after oil extraction section is called oil refining. The crude oil obtained either from expellers or solvent extraction plant contains impurities, which must be removed to make the oil edible, more palatable and stable against rancidity upon storage.
Main process of crude oil refinery plant 
1.Degumming Section: Some impurity, such as Phospholipid, gum, and protein, can be dissolved  into oil when there is no water, but once there is water in oil, these impurity can be dissolved into water. So, in degumming section, we use the hot water to wash crude oil for two-three times to remove these impurity.
2.Neutralizing Section: Crude oil contains much free fatty acid, which is harmful for health. Free fatty acid can have the reaction with caustic soda, during the reaction, it can be saponified and becomes soapstock, then small soapstock pellets will sink and  becomes sediment and be pumped out. After neutralizing, most of the free fatty acid will be removed out.
3.Decoloraztion Section: Most of the crude oil has deep color because of the pigments, such as carotene, xanthophyll, etc. We use bleaching earth to remove pigments, because bleaching earth has strong adsorption capacity. Then pump oil into plate filter to  remove bleaching earth, then pigment also will be removed out along with bleaching earth, then oil will be
4.Deodorizing Section: Pure oil has no smell, but different crude oil has their special smell because of some volatile matters, for example the oxide for ketones, aldehydes, hydrocarbons. In deodorizing section, we deliver steam into oil continuously, and make  sure steam and oil can fully contacted under high temperature and pressure, then volatile matters can be removed out along with the steam.
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Item Machine Name Model Capacity(T/D) Power(kw)
Pretreatment and prepressing equipment Bucket elevator DTG series 50-2400 2.2-3.0
Sprial conveyor LSS series 50-1000 2.2-11
Chain dryer BH series 50-350 4-11
Softening pot RHL series 50-1000 15-110
Cooker ZCL series 50-1000 15-110
Oil extraction Equipment Chain extractor TXJ series 500-4000  
Loop extractor YHJ series 2000-6000  
Rotocel extractor GJP series 50-2000  
Desovlentizer-toaster DTDC
Mixed oil evaporator ZF series 50-2000  
Layer steam-striping tower QTD series 50-2000  
Paraffin absorb system YXS series 50-2000  
Water bath type device for exhaust gas recovery XSZZ series   50-2000  
Oil refining Equipment Vacuum dryer BMTST series 50-1000  
Desolventizing tower RZG/BMTRT series 50-1000  
Novel decolorizing tower LYS series 50-1000  
Disc deodorization tower TCT series 50-1000  
Filling type deodorization TLT series 50-1000  
Crystallization tank YJG series 50-1000 3-15
Decolorization pot TSG series 3-20  
Deodorization pot TCG series 3-20  
Auxiliary machine Tube heat exchanger LN series    
Sprial board heat exchanger 16 series    
Tower type condenser TLN series    

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Oil Refining Equipment



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Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel


Henan, China

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Production Capacity
50 Sets/Month