China 3 Phase Horizontal Fish Oil Screw Decanter Centrifuge Equipment Machine

China 3 Phase Horizontal Fish Oil Screw Decanter Centrifuge Equipment Machine

Product Description

Description :

Fivemen Three-Phase Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge for Extraction of Fish Oil in Fishmeal Industry


Technology of Extraction of Fish Oil in Fishmeal Industry

Fresh fish are sent by spiral conveyer into the cooking machine for stewing, and then delivered to the rolling mill after thoroughly stewed, and the fishmeal is produced after rolled fish are dried in a dryer. There are oil water and fish scraps in the fish soup, after being extracted, if the fish oil and fish scraps are sent back to the dryer, it is called through-dewatering, if they are not sent back to be evaporated, it is called half-dewatering. As normal fishmeal plants do not have sewage treatment device, considering the environmental requirement, most of them adopts the through-dewatering method. There are various technologies in extracting fish scraps and fish oil from the fish soup, among which a relatively traditional one is to extract fish oil by several settling ponds, another one is to extract fish scraps by two-phase Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge and then extract the fish oil by disc stack centrifuge, another one is to extract the fish scraps and fish oil for one time by three-phase Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge. 


We have more than 30 customers in Gambia, Mauritania and Senegal for fish oil and fish meal .

3 phase Decanter Centrifuge:


Principle of threephase decanter centrifuges is as shown in the above figure. The substance to be separated is fed by the feeding tube into the accelerating cavity of
the spiral conveyor, then enters high speed running drum wall. As the light liquid, heavy liquid and insoluble solid contained in the substance have different specific 

gravities,  the three materials are subject to varied centrifugal forces: the insoluble solid settles into the inner wall (outside) due to its highest specific gravity and subject 

to maximum centrifugal force; the light liquid settles maximum far away from the inner wall (outside) due to its lowest specific gravity and subject to minimum centrifugal 

force; and heavy liquid settles in the middle place. The insoluble solid is discharged from the solid discharge port by a spiral feeder which has relative differential speed
with the drum; and the light and heavy liquids are then separated by different structures inside the machine wherein the heavy liquid is discharged by the centripetal 

pump, and the light liquid is discharged via the force of gravity, thus the purpose of three phase separation is achieved. 

Fish oil separation

Sardine fish oil after separation



The decanter centrifuge can be adjusted to suit individual requirements by varying: 

1.Differential with high precision, compact structure, smooth operation. 

2.Main bearing of imported bearings, to ensure the accuracy of the operation.

3.The part contacting with material is made of stainless steel.

4.The machine is equipped with a variety of safety overload protection devices, to make sure safety in   production. 

5.The machine system has two types, regular and explosion proof, to meet the different requirement.

6.Large length to diameter ratio, high speed, many angels of drum cone structure

7.Spiral pusher surface adopts hard alloy materials, against abrasion powerfully 

8.According to the customer’s desire, the frame can develop to low center of gravity, high bracket and move. 

9.Spiral structure with BD board is used for the concentration dehydration of activated sludge and difficult separate materials 

10.PLC control box


1.Environmental protection city life of dirt, power plants, petrochemical refinery sludge sludge, coking, industrial sludge concentration, sludge dewatering. 

2.Food and drink fruit juice slag, slag of animal oil, plant oil, soy protein isolates of dehydration, concentration of fish protein, wheat starch B dehydration.

3.Chemical * barium dehydration, kaolin industry classification and grade of graphite and PPT, classification of drilling mud.

4.Coal tar, coal tar dehydration and slag, adapted to the different viscosity and water (emulsion) of coal tar separation, after the separation of reach national standard tar.

5, oil separation, vegetable oil, like avocado oil, olive oil, sesame oil, soy oil and so on. 

animal oil, pork oil, fish oil, chiecken oil, beef oil ect.

waste oil like the waste heavy oil, fuel oil, other waste oil.

Parameters :

2 phase Decanter Centrifuge:

Type Bowl diameter(mm) Bowl length/ Bowl diameter Bowl speed
Main Power(Kw)
LW180 180 2.5-720 6000 3-5.5
LW260 260 3.0-4 5000 7.5-11
LW355 355 2-4.5 4000 11-30
LW420 420 3-4.1 3600 18.5-37
LW450 450 2-4.4 3600 18.5-37
LW480 480 2-4.2 3200 18.5-45
LW500 500 2-4.2 3200 18.5-55
LW530 530 2-4 3200 22-55
LW580 580 2-4 2800 30-55
LW620 620 2-4 2800 37-110
LW760 760 2-3.5 2500 55-132
Note: In case of differences between the table and the user manual, the latter shall prevail.

3 phase Decanter Centrifuge:

Type Bowl diameter(mm) Bowl length/ Bowl diameter Bowl speed (r/min) Main Power(KW)
LWS355 355 3.3-4.5 4000 15-18.5
LWS420 420 4.1 3600 22
LWS500 500 4.2 3000 30
LWS530 500 4.2 3000 30
LWS580 580 4.1 2800 45
LWS620 620 4 2800 45
Note: In case of differences between the table and the user manual, the latter shall prevail.

Main Parts



Company info

Our service:


1. 24 hours onlinne consult and service

2. Introduce the details of products to the customers, answer the question raised by customer at firstly;

3. Providing the operation , installation and working video for customers.

4. Providing the different solutions for choice according to the needs and requirements of customers;


Sale Service

1. Ensure new product with high quality before delivery;

2. Packing according to the export requirements and shiping carefully;

3. Provide full set of documents as customer’s requirements.

4. Providing one year sparing parts for you for free.

5. Delivery on time
After-sale Service

1. Help to install and debug the equipment, Our technicians could be dispatched for

overseas service.

2. Provide 24 hours techincal support by e-mail or phone;

3. Abundant spare parts in stock are available to provide.

4. Help customers slove any other questions about products or other aspect;

5. Your workers could get trained both in our factory and yours.


Service Commitment

1. We will provide one-year warrantee to make sure your machine runs consistently. We always keep certain inventory level of spare parts, which means the replacements can be shipped to you right away.

2. Consultant services for whole machine life, 24 hours technical support by email and telephone.

3. Send technicians to the jobsite for guiding the installation and adjustment, training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Centrifuge Type
Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge

Distillation Equipment Type
Separation Equipment

Extraction Tower Type
Separation Equipment

Low Pressure


Machine Time
Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge

Control Type
PLC Control Box

Automatical Continuous Operation

Liquid Discharge
by Gravity

Sludge Dewatering


SKF Bearing

304/316L/2205 Ect


Fish Oil, Water, Fish Meal Separation

Transport Package
Wooden Box




HS Code

Production Capacity