China 2800mm High Speed Automatic Toilet Tissue Paper Production Line with CE

China 2800mm High Speed Automatic Toilet Tissue Paper Production Line with CE

Product Description

2800mm High Speed Automatic Toilet Tissue Paper Production Line with CE

Project Overview

Toilet Paper machine model WSZ 1575 capable of producing high quality toilet paper rolls to your specifications.

System Performance

Machine Speed:
  • Design speed: 200m/min
  • Production speed: 160-180m/min
           Above 90%
  • 2%

Note: System Performance depends on product design, raw materials and other production variables.

Product Specifications

Toilet paper rolls:
  • Toilet paper rolls with multi-rolls packing
  • According to customer’s requirement

Machine Configuration

Driven System
  • Full automatic Controlling System
Line Direction
  • According to customer’s requirement

General Specifications

Electrical Power Supply: 380VAC, 3ph, 50Hz,
(can be set according to customer requirement)
Main Machine Color:
  • Framework – Silvery White 
  • Safety parts – Red
  • (Can do customer’s color)
Purchased Components Color:   As supplied by Manufacturer


Each machine details:
1.Automatic Roll Core Machine

 Functions and features: 

  1. This is a preferred equipment for producing core for toilet paper, plastic PE film and N.W. to use.
  2. Inverter control to ensure the accuracy of the roll core tube length 
  3. Automated online gluing,tube rolling and cut off
  4. Product diameter and length can be customized according to customer needs 
  5. The machine is reasonable designed, easy for operation and convenient maintenance 

   Main technical parameters :

Design speed 20 m / min 
Stable speed 18 m / min
kraft paper width 50~70mm
Paper Tube diameter 25mm~100mm(can be customized) 
Paper tube layers 2 ~ 5 layers(choosen by customer) 
Kraft paper gsm 200-400 gsm 
Roll core Length adjustable (maximum: 3m) 
Defect rate 2%
Voltage  380V 50HZ
Power 4.0KW
Overall Size Main machine 2950×1700×1800mm
Glue tank device 1250X850X1200mm
Weight 1500Kg

2. Toilet paper machine
    Automatic Toilet Paper And Kitchen Towel Rewinding Machine Equipment Description:  

  1. This is an automatic rewinding machine for toilet paper and kitchen towel, with the function of roll core auto feeding, embossing, glue lamination, perforating, trim sealing and so on. Can also do kitchen towel with lamination unit, also can do with colorful lamination.
  2. This machine is designed and made according to CE certificate standard, with safety safety-guard door, emergency stop and other safety devices, to protect operators.
  3. With automatic roll core feeding unit, without manual roll core feeding, after rewinding will automaticly push out the log, and immediately rewind again. Can adjust the specification of the roll core easily.
  4. With international advanced PLC programmable controlling technical, man-machine interface operation table. The production data and technical parameters show on touch screen.
  5. With high precise perforation blades, lower noise, clearer perforation, can adjust the perforating distance with bigger range.   
  6. Jumbo roll tension controlling system, Pneumatic lifting the jumbo roll; 
  7. Can use the steel to steel embossing unit for point to point embossing rollers, make the paper softer, and double layers match well.
  8. This equipment is durable and wearable with simple operation and maintaining.  

   Main Technical Parameter: 

Max jumbo roll width 1750mm (other size can be ordered)
Can order from 1200mm to 2800mm
Max jumbo roll diameter φ1100mm(for bigger size can be ordered)
Jumbo roll inner diameter 3inches (76.2mm)
Finished products diameter φ80-150mm
Perforated distance  100-150mm (other size can be ordered)
Production speed 0~180m/min
Machine power 7.5~22kw (depends on machine model)
Roll core unit With or without roll core
Jumbo roll stands 1~3 stands (standard is 2)
Embossing unit Single embossing, double embossing (steel to rubber roller, steel to paper roller, steel to steel roller)
Jumbo roll loading  With air cylinder loading
Parameter setting Man-machine interface operation, Touch screen
Machine overall dimension  3500*2500*1500~6000*3500*1500mm
Machine weight  1500~4500KG (approximately)
Remote controlling  Depends on customer
Lamination unit Can be ordered
Colorful lamimation  Can be ordered

3. High-speed Log Saw Machine

    Machine function:
This is a servo controlling machine for cutting toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls, can connect with toilet paper rewinding machine and packing machine. It’s an important part of the production line, can improve the production capacity, reduce the labour cost. This machine adopts advanced servo controlling system, with PLC controlling and touch screen operation.
    Machine features:

  1. With automatic blade grinding system, the grinding time can be set on panel,;
  2. Two channels, so two toilet rolls from rewinding machine will feed automatically, then pushing out after cutting;
  3. The shortcuts can be kicked off from the good products,improve production capacity;
  4. Cutting surface is flat and clean, to improve the quality of finished products.

   Machine main technical parameters:

Machine model JY-JTZ-DHX
Toilet paper rolls length 1750mm-2800mm(other sizes can be ordered)
Toilet paper rolls diameter φ90-120mm(other sizes can be ordered)
Design speed 150cust/min (2rolls/cut)
Stable production speed 120cust/min  (2rolls/cut)
Cutting blade grinding system Automatic grinding, grinding time can be set on screen
Cutting blade diameter φ610mm
Machine power  About 10KW
Machine size  About 7000*2500*2000mm
Machine weight About 4T

Single roll Toilet paper packing machine

   Machine Main performance features:

  1. This fully automatic single roll packing machine is specially for toilet paper and kitchen towel with or without roll core package. 
  2. Paper feeding, film feeding, longitudinal sealing, cutting, coreless paper exhaust,reversing operation actions are driven by servo control method that has complete run functionconfiguration, high efficiency, simple operation, specifications for wide range, quick changeover specifications, convenient maintenance low use cost and other the advantages. So that it averts the second pollution of hand operation in the process of package.
  3. Double paper supporting devices are applied for fast film changing.
  4. Stopping the machine in selected position, no sticking to the knife and no wasting packing film.
  5.  It may select hot-melt date printer, gusset device. 

   Machine main technical parameters:

Technical Specification Description Remarks
Application Range Single Toilet paper with core or coreless  
Feeding type Automatic Feeding System V Grade
Design Speed 0-220rolls/min Depends on the roller size
Stable Speed
With core:0-180rolls/min
Without Core:0-120rolls/min
Packing Film Structure Double Rollers  
Toilet rolls diameter 80mm-130mm  
Roll length Withcore:80-220mm       without core:80-170mm  
Module 2Sets Roller Diameter:80mm~120mm
Dimension 5500mm*3300mm* 1600mm  
Weight About 1800KG  
Packing material Double side air through BOPP,SPP, CPP Choose by buyer
Film thickness 0.018mm-0.03mm Choose by buyer
Roller Max Dia. 380mm  
Roller Inner Dia. 70-76mm National Standard
Film Roller Max Width 430mm  
Voltage 220V/50HZ National Standard
Total Power About 12 KW  
Cutting blade Double blade  

Toilet paper multi rolls packaging machine

   Machine main function:
Multi toilet rolls packing machine  (suitable for 2-24 rolls per bag )
This machine is specially used for packaging toilet rolls and kitchen towel, with a conveyor belt, can connect with the log saw cutting machine.
   Machine Main technical parameter:
single roll size: customizable (length, diameter need to be selected).

Packing method: two lines, one or two layers, can pack from 2 to max 24 rolls
Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
Main power: 2KW
air Pressure :0.6MPA

Packing speed: 8-10 bag/min
Machine size: 7000*1300*1400mm
Weight :700KG

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Quanzhou Jingyi Machinery Co.,ltd is professional manufacturer for paper machines: 
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6) All kinds of Paper Cutting and Packing Machine. 

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Parameters Table

Model NO.

Embossing Roller
Rubber Roller

Toilet Paper Type
With Core


Machine Color
White, Can Be Ordered

Machine HS Code

Toilet Paper Rolls

Transport Package
Wooden Cases




HS Code

Production Capacity
50lines Per Year