China 25# /I

China 25# /I

Product Description

Transformer oil is a kind of fractionation product of petroleum. Its main components are alkanes, naphthenic saturates, aromatic unsaturated hydrocarbons and other compounds. Commonly known as square shed oil, light yellow transparent liquid, relative density 0.895. Freezing point < – 45 ºC.

Main functions of transformer oil:
(1) Insulation function: transformer oil has much higher insulation strength than air. The insulating material soaked in oil can not only improve the insulation strength, but also avoid the erosion of moisture.
(2) Heat dissipation: the specific heat of transformer oil is large, and it is often used as coolant. The heat generated during the operation of the transformer makes the oil close to the iron core and winding expand and rise by heating. Through the convection of the oil up and down, the heat is released through the radiator to ensure the normal operation of the transformer.
(3) Arc suppression: on the on load voltage regulating switch of oil circuit breaker and transformer, arc will be generated when the contact is switched. Because the transformer oil has good thermal conductivity and can contact a large number of gases under the action of high temperature of the arc, it can generate a large amount of pressure, thus improving the arc extinguishing performance of the medium and making the arc extinguish quickly.

The product flash point is above 140ºC, higher than the national standard and IEC standard.
Excellent electrical properties:
The product insulation strength is high, the breakdown voltage is above 55kV, far higher than the national standard and IEC standard; DDF at 90ºC is below 0.0009, far below the national standard and IEC standard.

Low viscosity and good cooling effect:
The viscosity of 40ºC is 6-10mm2/s, far lower than the national standard and IEC standard, with better thermal conductivity, the product is conducive to improving the cooling effect of the transformer.                          

The density of 20ºC is 840-880kg/m3, lower than the national standard and IEC standard, it is conducive to curb the water of transformer to generate ice in winter, favorable for safety production.

Long life:
It has excellent oxidation stability and thermal stability, acid value and precipitation oxidation is very small after experiment. It can long-term ensure the transformer oil not easy to aging deterioration under the condition of high temperature work, prolong the service life of the equipment.

Health and environment: 
Raw materials are conform to food grade white oil standard, harmless; not only contain PCB, but also non-toxic to human body, soil and water.

No poisonous gas or liquid is produced in the process, the product can be refined and used again.
Good compatibility:
It is lower corrosion and solubility and more compatible of grease paper, adhesive tapes, washer, glue and wire insulation materials.

Technical parameters:

Items   I-0ºC   I-10ºC I-20ºC I-30ºC I-40ºC
Appearance Clear, free from sediment and suspended matter
Pour point /ºC  -12 -28 -33 -46 -55
Flash point(closed)/ºC  142.5 144 143.5 143 144.5
Acidity(KOH)/(mg/g) 0.008 0.005 0.007 0.007 0.007
Density(20ºC)/(kg/m3)  842.1 869 845.1 889 879.1
Kinematic Viscosity (40ºC)  / (mm2/s) 6.5 9.4 6.7 9.4 8.1
Interfacial Tension/(mN/m) 42.5 44.9 43.5 45.8 44.5
Breakdown voltage /kV  57 58 58 62 59


The products are good to be used as the insulation and heat conduction medium for the electric equipment, such as transformer, transformer and casing, and it’s also suitable to be used as insulation and arc extinguishing medium for oil circuit breaker. 

1 Material of the containers used for storage and transportation (storage tanks, rail tankers, tankers, tanks, etc. ), and the pipelines has to meet
certain compatibility requirement for the transformer oil. 
2 To avoid oil emulsion, transformer oil’s containers, including their pipes, must be strictly separated from other containers. Also, they must to be damp-proof or be sealed from exposure to moist air. 


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Industrial Lubricant

Steel Drum / IBC/ Flexitank



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3 Weeks

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Drum/IBC/ Flexitank



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