China 2021 New Small Four Pillar Manual Hydraulic Oil Press Cutting Machine Price 400 Ton

China 2021 New Small Four Pillar Manual Hydraulic Oil Press Cutting Machine Price 400 Ton

Product Description

2021 new small four pillar manual hydraulic oil press cutting machine price 400 ton

1.YQ32 series press is composed of main body and control device, which is composed of frame, main cylinder, elimination cylinder, hydraulic system and transmission mechanism, upper and lower limit switch pipeline, electric control cabinet and so on.
2.The transmission mechanism includes fuel tank, high-pressure pump, low-voltage control system, valve and electrical control system, which is designed according to the working procedure of hydraulic principle.Through the preset, through pump, cylinder, valve, tank, pipeline and other transmission mechanism, can realize continuous operation.
3.This product is suitable for the compression of plastic material, such as powder plastic products, hot/cold metal extrusion, metal sheet stretching, stamping, bending, edge folding, straightening, pressing and mounting etc.
4.Independent drive structure and electrical equipment ensure reliable operation of central control buttons.Adjust, manual operation and semi-automatic operation, provide three modes for your choice.
5.Working pressure, pressing speed, reducing speed and deceleration pressure can be adjusted separately.
6.Through preset, elimination, non – elimination, and drawing, the pressure – depth or distance – dependent death movement can be eliminated.In the case of pressure related movement, the main cylinder of the yq32 type press starts pressure control, delay and automatic return

Used for drawing or shrinking of various melt sheets.
The drive system and the power system are centralized.The pressure machine and the collection button controlled by PLC produced the adjustment and semi-automatic operation mode.
Pressure, stamping speed, stamping travel and travel can be adjusted according to the requirements.

Extensive use
1.Household appliances: washing machine, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, rice cooker, etc.
2.Kitchenware: sinks, tea sets, and other kinds of containers.
3.Auto parts: car body parts, brakes, oil tank, chassis, axle box, bumper

Equipment specific parameters:

Parameters Unit YQ32-200B YQ32-315A YQ32-315B YQ32-400 YQ32-630
Nominal force KN 2000 3150 3150 4000 6300
Max.pressure of
hydraulic system
Mpa 25 25 25 25 25
Slider Max.Opening height mm 900 1250 1000 1250 1500
Slider Effective Stroke mm 600 800 600 800 900
Effective worktable size mm 800*800 1260*1160 800*800 1260*1160 1600*1600
Nominal force of upper ejection cylinder KN 400 630 630 630 1000
Stroke of upper ejection cylinder mm 220 300 300 300 300
Slider descending speed mm/s 100 120 120 120 150
Slider pressing speed mm/s 5-10 8-15 8-15 8-15 10-22
Slider return speed mm/s 90 90 90 90 120

Product Catalog

Product Name    
A Four column hydraulic press machine A1 Coin hydraulic press making machine
    A2 melamine dinner set hydraulic press making machine
    A3 Stainless steel sink hydraulic press machine
    A4 Kitchen cookware hydraulic press machine
    A5 Wheel Barrow hydraulic press machine
    A6 Animal salt block hydraulic press machine
    A7 Door skin hydraulic  press machine
    A8 Powder forming hydraulic press machine
    A9 animal mineral block hydraulic press machine making  machine
    A10 hydraulic press machine  for seedling clod
    A11 hydraulic press machine  for tablet
    A12 Auto parts hydraulic press machine.
    A13 ….
B C frame hydraulic press machine B1 Door embossing hydraulic press machine.
    B22 Bearing press-fitting hydraulic press machine.
    B3 ….
C Frame type/frame hydraulic press machine C1 Door skin hydraulic  press machine
    C2 Solid tire hydraulic press machine
    C3 Forklift Solid Tyre Press Machine
D Customizing machine D1

    TengZhou Zhongyou Heavy Industry Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the professional production enterprises of hydraulic deep drawing press, the company equipped with advanced, can produce all kinds of deep drawing press and car care equipment. The company’s products are multi-functional hydraulic machine, three-beam four-column deep drawing press, fast three-beam four-column hydraulic press, plastic molding hydraulic press, single-arm hydraulic press, gantry hydraulic press.

1:How can I choose the most suitable machines ?
A: Please tell me your specifications ,we can choose the best model for you , or you can choose the exact model .
You can also send us the products drawing ,we will choose the most suitable machines for you .
2: What’s your main products of your company?
A: We specialized in hydraulic press Machine .Our company is a manufacturer and service provider with more than 10 years experience in providing modern hydraulic press for manufacturing industry. The company has a large floor boring and milling machine, heavy-duty machine, planer milling machine and other equipment.we mainly  produces various hydraulic presses forging press and auto maintenance equipment  with  advanced technology  and equipment

3: Where is our factory located? How can I visit there?
A : Our factory is located in Tengzhou City ,Shandong Province,277500 China. You are warmly welcomed to visit us.

4. What is your trade terms?
A : FOB, CFR and CIF all acceptable.

5: What’s the Payment Terms ?
A : T/T ,30% initial payment when order ,70% balance payment before shipment ;
Irrevocable LC at sight .
5: What’s the MOQ?
A: 1 set .(Only some low cost machines will be more than 1 set ) 


Parameters Table

Model NO.
YQ32-Four column hydraulic press machine

Product Name
Hydraulic Oil Press Cutting Machine


Hydraulic Press Machine

Power Source

CNC or Not

Machine Size

380V/220V Optional



Transport Package
Transparent Plastic Wrap, Plywood Wooden Case




HS Code

Production Capacity
50 Sets/Month