China 2018 New Type of Green Tyre to Oil Recycling Pyrolysis Plant 12tpd with Good Price

China 2018 New Type of Green Tyre to Oil Recycling Pyrolysis Plant 12tpd with Good Price

Product Description

Product Description

2015 Green Tyre to Oil Recycling Pyrolysis Plant 12tpd

Company brief introduction

Shangqiu Zhongqing Greentech Co,.Ltd is a professional institution engaged in the recycling and utilization of waste resources which includes scientific research, design, development, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and customer service. The headquarter of the company is located in Beijing. Our main equipment is waste tires equipment, waste oil sludge treatment equipment, living garbage equipment, electronic waste equipment, medical waste equipment, petrochemical waste equipment and related waste recycling equipment. We also undertake government environment project like engineering design, construction and testing date.

Major parts of This Product
1. Horizontal type revolving reactor    2. Heavy oil tank
3.Automatic carbon black discharge      4. Gas separator    
5.Automatic carbon black discharge     6. Controller
7.Gas recycling system    8. Draft fan   9. Motors
10.Slag cart    11. Cooling tower   12. Oil pipe
13.Oil tank    14. Water Pool    15. Blower

Production process
Put the waste tires, plastic or rubber into the reactor, catalysis and pyrolysis them.
Then output the oil gas, the oil gas will go through the condenser and be liquefied to oil.   
3. After finishing the process, the carbon black will be discharged from the specialized carbon black door.
 4. Some part of the oil gas which cannot be liquefied will be burned as fuel to heat the reactor directly through the waste gas burning system. Between the oil tank and the heating furnace there wil be the water sealing tank to work as anti-fire system. And the waste smoke will be processed by desulfurization system firstly and then discharged into the air


NO Name Parameter
1 The raw material waste tyres, plastic and oil sludge
2 Total Capacity 5t/day, 10t/day, 12t/day, 50t/day
3 The size of reactor 2.2*6/6.6, 2.4*6/6.6, 2.6*6/6.6, 2.8*6/6.6
4 Average oil productivity tyre:40%-50%, plastic:60%-70%
5 Average carbon productivity 30%-35%
6 Average steel productivity 10%-15%
7 Average waste-gas productivity 5%
8 Pyrolysis time 8hours
9 Discharge time 3hours
10 Feeding time 1hour

Advantage of pyrolysis plant
1. High oil output rate: 45%-55%   
2. Double discharging system
3. PLC automatic control system 
4. Full-vacuum processing environment
5. Automatic rolling machine makes the circle perfect.
6.Rigorous test system to guarantee the quality of the product and it’s accessories.
7. Non pollution, ZTE series desulfurization device. 
8.Humanity design, automatic carbon black discharging system, time-saving and labour-saving.

Available Raw Material And Oil Output

Item Raw  Materials Oil Output
Waste Tires Steel Tires 40%-45%
Nylon Tires 40%
Bike Tires 35%
Waste Plastic Plastics bags (shopping) 50%
Weaves or handbags 60%
Cable Skin PE Cable Skin 35%
PVC Cable Skin 25%
Pure Rubber Cable Skin 35%
Telephone Line 50%
Waste Paper Mixture from Paper Factory Rough Material 15%
Washed Material 20-25%
PE Material 70%
Shoes Soles Sports Shoes Soles 25-33%
Black Rubber Soles 35%
Gum Rubber Soles 45%
Others Common Rubber Tubes 30%
Carpets 35%
Aluminum Foil Paper 30%
Car Glass Layering 50%
PP Beverage Bottle 50%


After-sale service
1. Delivery time– It will be within 15 working days after we receive the deposit.
2. Warranty- The warranty period is 2 Years(Other suppler offer 1 year warranty), engineers available to service at any time. 
3. Installation and Training– Our Company will dispatch technician to guide installation and training for free, ensuring the operation safety. The installation period shall be one month; otherwise, buyers will pay extra salary for the technician with the price of USD 100.00 per day.
4. 24-Hours telephone service .
Regular phone visiting to check out if there is anything we can do for you, maintenance guiding, easily worn-out parts and catalyst offering, on-site maintenance.

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Parameters Table

Wood, Coal, Natural Gas, Fule Oil


Total Weight

Oil Output(Tyre for Example)

Type of Tire Machinery
Oil Extracting From Tires

Heating Way
Direct Heating /Indirect Heating

Assembled Boiler

Operating Pressure
Normal Pressure



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Production Capacity