China 2.5m Ring Forced Oil Cooling Vertical Ring High Gradient Magnetic Separator

China 2.5m Ring Forced Oil Cooling Vertical Ring High Gradient Magnetic Separator

Product Description

GTLH Vertical Ring High Gradient Magnetic Separator for Non-metallic minerals

  A summary:

 This product is applicable to 1.2 mm (- 200Mesh 30-100%) of fine non-metallic mineral, such as quartz, feldspar, nepheline ore, kaolin, iron removal purification. Can also be used for red iron ore (hematite, limonite and siderite, etc.), manganese ore, ilmenite, black tungsten, a variety of weak magnetic ore wet separation and black and white tungsten separation, black tungsten and tin separation.


GTLH Series high gradient magnetic separator is a new product developed independently by GUOTE. It combines the characteristics of international advanced high intensity magnetic separators, which is so far the high intensity magnetic separator of best performance and most advanced technology. This product utilizes vertical ring rotation, pulsating beneficiation and high frequency vibrator, and it has no magnetic medium jam problem in flat ring high intensity magnetic separator and flat ring high gradient magnetic separator.


It has the advantages of large beneficiation ratio, high security and convenient operation etc. This product realizes both high beneficiation ratio and high recycle ratio in separating weak magnetic minerals.

Frist  ,Features of GTLH series Vertical Ring High Gradient Magnetic Separator:

1.Its separation ring is designed to be vertical,fine ore is discharged by reverse flow and also with separation pulse device .

2.Powerful magnetic force, reliable and Series GTLH Vertical High Gradient Magnetic Separator science performance

3. Simple installation and easy to maintain

4.Collecting and discharging continuously Long-term trouble-free operation

Second  ,Application field of GTLH series Vertical Ring High Gradient Magnetic Separator:

1. Updating Ferrous Metals: Martite, Hematite, Siderite, Chromite, Ilmenite, Manganese, Etc.

2. Separating Non-Ferrous Metals: Wolframite and Quartz, Pyrrhotite and Cassiterite, Wolframite and Cassiterite, Limonite Purifying, Scheelite, Wolframite and Garnet, Etc.

3. Recovering Rare Earth: Tantalum and Niobium, Lepidomelane, Monazite, Etc.

4. Brightening Non Metals: Quartz, Feldspar And Kaolin for Ceramics, Sillimanite, Cassiterite, Andalusite, Kyanite for Refractory, and Separating Impurities From Hornblende, Mica, Tourmaline, Garnet, Etc.

Third, Technical parameter of GTLH series Vertical Ring High Gradient Magnetic Separator:

   Model Ring Diameter 
 Feed Particles Size(mm) Slurry density (%) Handling Capacity (t/h) Slurry Throughput
Energizing Power (KW) Ring motor Power (KW) Vibration Motor Power (KW) Water Supply Pressure (MPa) Water Consumption (m3/h) Main Frame Weight (t) Overall Dimension
GTLH-500 500 -1 10~40 0.1-0.3 0.25-0.5 1.1 16 0.37 0.37 0.1-0.2 0.65-1.4 1.5 1800*1400*1320
GTLH-750 750 -1 10~40 0.1-0.5 5-10 1.1 21 0.55 1.5 0.1-0.2 1.4-2.5 3 2000*1360*1680
GTLH-1000 1000 -1.2 10~40 3.5-7.5 12.5-20 1.1 30.8 1.5 2.2 0.2-0.4 8-12 6 2700*2000*2400
GTLH-1250 1250 -1.2 10~40 10-20 20-50 1.1 37.8 2.2 3 0.2-0.4 20-30 14 3200*2340*2700
GTLH-1500 1500 -1.2 10~40 20-30 50-100 1.1 46.2 4 3 0.2-0.4 20-30 24 3600*2900*3200
GTLH-1750 1750 -1.2 10~40 30-50 75-150 1.1 65.3 4 4 0.2-0.5 30-50 35 3900*3300*3800
GTLH-2000 2000 -1.2 10~40 50-80 100-200 1.1 78.3 5.5 7.5 0.2-0.4 50-100 50 4200*3550*4200
GTLH-2500 2500 -1.2 10~40 80-150 200-400 1.1 96.3 11 11 0.2-0.4 100-150 105 5800*5000*5400
GTLH-3000 3000 -1.2 10~40 150-250 350-650 1.1 103.6 18.5 18.5 0.2-0.4 150-250 150 7600*6500*7200

Fourth,Technical features:

1. Vertical Ring Rotation & Pulsating Beneficiation

2. High Frequency Vibration Mechanism

3. Wide Range of Feed Particle Size

4. Multi-Gradient Matrixes & Liquid Level Control System.

These technologies improve the grade of magnetic concentrate and recovery.

5. Frequency Conversion Step-less Adjustment for Rotary Speed & Vibrating Frequency.

6. No Stepper Phenomenon of Rotary Rings

Company Information


Our customers :


1.What main products do you supply?

  • Ball mill with air classifying production line
  • Quartz Feldspar (galss sand) wet process production line
  •  High pure sand making machine
  • GF Air classifier
  • Dust collector
  • High gradient vertical ring magnetic separator
  • Plate type magnetic separator (Up to 15000GS)
  • Drum/Roller type permanent magnetic separator
  • GSC series hindered settling machine density separator
  • EPC service for whole equipments

2 . Are you a trading company or factory?

  • We are professional manufacturer of non-metallic minerals separation equipment ,   EPC service supplier for engineering/Procurement/Construction ,You are welcome to visit our factory and discuss for further business.

3. Delivery date for my order?

  • 5 to 15 days for generally single equipment
  • 30 to 45 days for whole production line.

4 .How about your payment methods?

  • Generally 30% in advance for down payment and balance paid before shipment 
  •  Accept  T/T, Western Union, Cash, L/C at sight. etc. 
  • Suggest Alibaba as third party for business. 

5. How do you handle the shipment for my order?and Packing?

  •  Its the most economic way to receive your order. Totally seaworthy packing and pallet for delivery. 
  • Small parts are wooden case packing and inner film proctection 
  • Big parts are containers for delivery and steel wire/wooden material for stablly fastened and plastic film for protection.
  • We could accept  customized packing terms.

6. What is your company warranty policy?

  • 12 months warranty since machinery in working process or 18 months since the equipment get into shipment. 
  • Whole life for offering spare parts and technical problems shooting and update. 

7. Do you offer any replacement for my order?

  • Yes, we will offer you the replacements based on the model and quantity you are going to order.

8. How can I contact to you?

  • contact :We could make whole production line or single equipment following different clients requirements. 
  • For whole process as below: 
  • Firstly, Please offer detailed technical drawing in CAD or requirements. Secondly, we will offer different technical proposals follwing offered drawings or requirements for clients. Thridly make decision for which proposal.At last manufacture whole equirements following techncial proposal and holding test in warehouse. Finally finished equipment/prodcution line offered as turn-key project. 
    For details, please contact :


Parameters Table

Model NO.

Energy Saving
Energy Saving

1 Year

According Requirements



Magnetic Separator

Background Magnetic Field

Water Consumption

Slurry Density

Beneficiation Plant

Magnetic Field Intensity

Material Size

Ring Diameter

Technical Guidance

Date of Delivery
60 Days

1-220 Ton Per Hour


Large Capacity

Electromagnetic Separator

Supply Ability
602 Set/Sets Per Year

Transport Package
Container or According Requirements

Magnetic Separator



HS Code

Production Capacity