China 10L*2 Oil CO2 Extraction Machine Coffee Extraction

China 10L*2 Oil CO2 Extraction Machine Coffee Extraction

Product Description

NO Model Kettle Capacity Pressure Tem. Power  Co2 Pump  Dimension(mm)
1 PH120-50-01 1L 50Mpa 85C 10KW 50L/H 2600*2600*1800
2 PH120-50-05 5L 50Mpa 85C 20KW 50L/H 2600*2600*1800
3 PH120-50-10 10L 50Mpa 85C 22KW 100L/H 3200*2600*1800
4 PH220-50-20 10L/10L 50Mpa 85C 28KW 200L/H 3200*2600*1800
5 PH120-40-24 24L 40Mpa 85C 30KW 200L/H 3500*2600*4500
6 PH220-40-48 24L/24L 40Mpa 85C 50KW 600L/H 5500*3500*4500
7 PH420-40-96 24L+24L/24L+24L 40Mpa 85C 60KW 600L/H 6000*4500*4500
8 PH220-40-100 50L/50L 40Mpa 85C 65KW 800L/H 6000*6000*4500
9 PH420-40-200 50L+50L/50L+50L 40Mpa 85C 70KW 1000L/H 8000*8000*4500
10 PH320-40-300 100L/100L/100L 40Mpa 85C 90KW 2000L/H 20000*20000*7000

For the supercritical extraction machine-
1.CO2 Pumb          2. Cooling System         3.Machine Valve   4.50MPA Pressure 

These are 3 most important parts that can directly tell by the machine quality and also influnce the machine production
capacity and service time a lot.

CO2 Pumb

Our CO2 Pumb adopted best quality in the market which used all Stainless steel inner cavity and 3 all ceramic stick to reduce
the noise greatly and also will keep the machine 
work stably in the long time running.
The working pressure can achieve 50 Mpa instead of the normal pumb 40 Mpa.The using 
life is the normal pumb 5~10times.
Max pressure can achieve 65 Mpa to protect the pumb safe.And the cost is at least 
3-5 times of normal one.


The normal low quality pumb of others pressure only 40Mpa.Machine adopted low quality Iron Steel.The pumb stick is ceramic
layer stick or steel stick which is easy to wear and leak CO2.Not safe to use for long time due to the low safety pressure once the
pressure is high easy to occur accident .The using life only 5-15 months.Beyond the tie the abrasion will more serious and start to
leak CO2.

Once the pumb broke is very difficult to repair and the replace and workers installation fees areextremely high about at least 
USD 6,000

High efficiency Air-cooled type make CO2 tank low down in the suitable temperature and easy torunning.Inner with high quality

Cooling System  

Machine with Environmental refrigerant meet the environmental standard and high heat exchange efficiency.

Low efficiency heat exchange.Low cooling power and the actual working is far below the machinemarked.Low down the
production speed.
The bad quality cooling refrigerant easy to leak cause pollution and worker injured.
Inner compressorfan is low strength once
damage can only replace the compressor or the cooling system.Cause great loss.

Machine Valve

The Pressure Valve are the important part of the machine.Directly influence the production process.
And this is the easy damage part.The using frequency is the highest in production.So this part we used 
the best brand in the
market.This is the ‘USA’ brand TESCOM the valve brought the most reliable performance.

 Valve of poor quality plastic handle when in the low temperature easy to break and not accurately to control the flow.

And some factories even use the valve no any production just directly contact with the metal.This will cause work accident very

50MPA Pressure(pipe and tank design)

Our kettle all adpoted SUS 304 and we caiculate the machine size as the inner material capacity instead of the kettle volume
there are 25~30% size difference.

All our kettle used the screw connection instead of the welding.thickness and weight of kettle also are much more than the
others.Even though we incrase lots of cost but this can protect our customers production safe more. 

All the pipes are covered with insulation cotton to avoid the temperature change form condensate water damage machine
and low down the noise greatly.Our workers all have more than 10 years production experience.

And our machine is designed only need connect 6 quickly interface pipes.This is easy and save at least USD 6,000-10,000 engineer
abroad installation fees.And all body use SUS 304 easy to clean and not easy to rust.All the parts adopted advanced design to
low down the power loss and increase the production speed.


Basic Flow and Combination style of the super critical CO2 Extraction device:

1. CO2→extraction kettle→separation1→separation2→return circuit
2. CO2→extraction kettle→separation1→separation2→fine distillation column→return circuit
3. CO2→extraction kettle→ine distillation column→separation1→separation2→return circuit
4. CO2→extraction kettle→separation1→fine distillation column→separation2→return circuit 

Parameters Table

Model NO.



2 Year



Oil Essence

SS304 316

Electric Power

Working Voltage
220V/380V/420V/440V 3p

by Sea/Air/Express

Packing Weight

Engineers Able to Overseas Service

Working Principle
Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

Extraction Material

Oil Extraction Time

Extraction Rate

Delivery Time
50 Working Days

Export Wooden Case

Transport Package
Wooden Box




HS Code

Production Capacity