China 1000kg Per Day Crude Oil Refining Machine Complete Refining Equipment

China 1000kg Per Day Crude Oil Refining Machine Complete Refining Equipment

Product Description

1000KG Per Day Crude Oil Refining Machine Complete refining equipment 

Product Description

It consists of refining tank, filter tank,bleaching tank,deodorization tank, finished product tank, oil pump, motor and electric heating system. It can realize degumming, drying ,deacidification,decolorization,deodorization and filtering of crude oil.
In order to meet the needs of small-scale oil refineries, Hongle Machinery has successfully developed a complete set of units dedicated to oil refining in small-scale oil refineries, realizing the integrated flow-line operation of dephosphorization,degumming and filtration, thus realizing the miniaturization of large-scale oil refining and the civilianization of industrial refineries. Now, Hongle Machinery Complete sets of refinery equipment are speeding up to enter small and medium-sized oil refineries all over the world, which are well received by oil users. The refined oil products of the refined oil equipment meet the national standard of edible oil at or above the second level, and can be directly filled and sold!
Operational procedures:
Crude Oil – Degumming (Washing)-Deacidification(Alkali water) -Dehydration (Heating and Drying) -Bleaching- Vacuum deodorization-Filtration – Product Oil
Treatment effect:
The oil treated by refining machine has transparent color, no precipitation for a long time, no foam in the pot, little fume,and can meet the national edible oil standard. It can be directly filled and sold, and is suitable for processing incoming materials and small-scale oil processing plants.
1. Food grade stainless steel is used and polished.
2. Simple design, exquisite appearance, improve customer satisfaction.
3. The operation data are all displayed by the instrument, which is easy to operate and safe to operate. After telephone training, the ordinary staff can work directly.
4. It can realize complete refining process of oil products.

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Product Parameters
NO. model name quantity
1 2CY-0.33 Oil pump 1
2 LYY100 Dephosphorization degumming pot 2
3 SX1.0 Hot water tank 1
4 FY1 Vacuum separator 1
5 ZZSP160 Water vapor tandem jet pump 1
6 IS80-65-160 pump 1
  XHS150 Circulating pool  
7 LTS100 Dry decoloring pot 1
8 BT0.4 Clay box 1
9 2CY-0.33 gear pumps 1
10 NYB4 Hermetic vibration filter 1
11 TXG100 Deodorization device 1
12 DSG219 Bag filter  
13 ZFQ60 The steam generator 1
14 ZRQ20 The steam superheater 1
15 BRY50-32-160 Hot oil pump 1
16 GLQ20 The filter 1
17 BZC35 Expansion slot 1
18 YGL120-MA Heat conduction oil furnace 1
19 JJG130 Crystallizing tank 2
20 IH40-25-160 Filter pump 1
21 HYX1.0 Wax oil thank 1
22 YCB5-0.6 gear pump 1
23 CYX1.5 Refrigerant tank 1
24 2AV Refrigerating set 1set
25 IH32-125 Chemical pump 1
26 Equipment rack   1
27 Operation platform   1
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1000kg Per Day Crude Oil Refining Machine

Suitable Raw Material
Peanut/Soybean/Sunflower Oil.

1000kg Per Day

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