China 1000 Kg 1.2 Ton Small Digger Earth Moving Machinery Crawler Type Mini Excavator with Hydraulic Oil Radiator for Garden or Farm Working

China 1000 Kg 1.2 Ton Small Digger Earth Moving Machinery Crawler Type Mini Excavator with Hydraulic Oil Radiator for Garden or Farm Working

Product Description

1000 KG 1.2 Ton Small Digger Earth Moving Machinery Crawler Type Mini Excavator With Hydraulic Oil Radiator For Garden Or Farm Working

1.who are we?
JiNing VOTE Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern international company engaged in construction machinery.
VOTE has developed rapidly by advanced technology and modern management.CE and ISO certificates areavailable.The strict quality control system and high quality production lines have developed the high quality products and fast delivery service. We have built one professional after-sales team that can server the customer well at the first time.

2.What are the advantages of our mini excavator?
Advantages of mini excavator: support multi-function operation, fast attachment of accessories, excavation, crushing, trench cleaning, drilling and bulldozing;
Warranty period: within one year after delivery / 2000 working hours, if there is any quality problem, we will provide you with accessories for free.

The latest configuration notice: mini excavators can increase the cab and air conditioning! ! !
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More detailed parameters are for reference only
total measurement Scope of work   Performance parameter
Total length (during transportation) 2600 mm Maximum digging height 2580 mm Total Weight 1000 kg
Overall width (during transportation/operation) 860 mm Maximum unloading height 1830 mm Bucket capacity 0.022 m3
Total height (during transportation) 1480 mm Maximum digging depth 2000 mm engine model KOOP192FA
  860 mm Maximum vertical boom digging depth 1600 mm Displacement 0.499 L
Dozer blade height 210 mm Maximum digging distance 2850 mm rated power 8.2 KW/rpm
Track center distance 680 mm Maximum digging distance 2700 mm Swing speed  11 r/min
Standard track shoe width 180 mm Minimum radius of gyration 1290 mm Gradeability 25(30°)
Platform ground clearance 370 mm Maximum bulldozing height 260 mm Ground pressure 0.35 kpa
Standard bucket width (with/without side teeth) 360/ 310 mm Maximum bulldozing depth 190 mm Bucket digging force 6.5 KN
Track length 1200 mm     Fuel tank capacity 5.5 L
Wheel spacing 670 mm        
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Chinese 1.0 Ton VTW-12PLUS  Mini Crawler Excavator
1,The overall layout and the axle load distribution are more reasonable to achieve better traveling stability and the
maximum traveling speed is up to 40km/h to realize faster site transfer speed.
2,The domestic leading hydraulic system distribution technology features high energy-saving and efficiency.
3,The highest breakout force on the loading end is leading the industry by 15%~20% compared with like models.
4,The advanced structure and hinge points on the digging end and the industry’s largest rotating angle of the bucket
ensure strong soil holding capacity.

1. Excavators with compact dimensions can easily drive through narrow passages and doors.
2. Retractable undercarriage and dozer blade allow the excavators to be configured for excellent working stability and optimum performance.
3. Powerful engine and perfectly matched hydraulics provide efficient, economical and reliable performance for the toughest of jobs.
4. Bucket hoses are well protected within the boom and the cylinder is mounted above the structure.
5. The operator area is spacious and laid out to provide comfort and ease of operation.
6. Excellent engine provides excellent power with minimal fuel use for more productivity per tank.

We Pay More Attention To Details, Details Are Our Quality

VTW-12PLUS Design Concept
1.The complete vehicle adopts original engine that is imported from international renowned brand, Also, it introduces the constant power control system to give full swing to the engine power, and to provide the excavator with strong power.
 2.hydraulic Medium excavator has both excellent environmental performance and large power, matched with ow fuel consumption design, operating costs are significantly reduced. 
3.Leather seats, with seat belts and handrails, can be adjusted before and after, with adjustable rear corners.
4.German MA brand continental hydraulic hose is an international brand with stable and reliable quality.
5.The external hydraulic hose is equipped with spring retainer and spiral protection hose to avoid friction, collision, bending and other damage
6.The action levers are equipped with dust covers and portable handrails
7.The main console is composed of three parts. The overall shape is like a "fist", rich in tension, streamlined trend design, calm and domineering, which is in line with the aesthetics of the East and the West. The connector adopts stainless steel countersunk head gasket + countersunk head hexagon socket screw, which has good fastening and decorative effects. The instrument integrated cover at the front is easy to disassemble, and the later maintenance of electrical components and main valve is particularly convenient

Why is VTW-12PLUS called PLUS?

1.The widened track shoes guarantee low ground pressure, high stability, and powerful traction to fulfill precise horizontal operations.
2.The wet type steering clutch and brake can prolong the service life and are interlinked with each other toguarantee the rapid and flexible steeringcontrols by joysticks.
3.It can complete the digging, handling, and landfill operations of earthworks and is suitable for the engineeringconstructionsfor roads, farms, waterconservancy projects, municipal projects, and energy projects.
4.small hydraulic excavator boasts small size, flexible operation, and favorable trafficability, and it can work freely at small and narrow place. Usually, the excavator is applied in urban construction, landscaping, and irrigation and water conservancy etc.

5.High-end Configuration and Superexcellent Quality, High-quality Driving Experience, Solidity, High Efficiency, and Durability, Convenient and Efficient Repair and Maintenance. Optional Configuration – we uphold the " All-in-one " philosophy. 

We are a trustworthy company
Our company always pays attention to customer evaluation. The picture below is the unanimous praise of our customers worldwide.
Committed to creating high-quality services, becoming an enterprise trusted by customers, proud of employees, and respected by society.
Realize customer dreams and continue to create maximum value for customers
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Many more models can be choosed:  0.8 ton,1.0 ton ,1.2 ton, 1.5 ton,1.8 ton, 2.0 ton, 2.6 ton,2.8 ton

Model VTW-08 VTW-10(HOT) VTW-12PLUS(HOT) VTW-15
Total Weight 700 kg 850 kg 1,000kg 1,400 kg
Rated Power 12hp/(3600rpm) 8.2 KW/rpm 18.1kw 18.1kw
Engine Koop192F Koop 192FA Koop 192FA Laidong LD385
Bucket Capacity 0.02 m³ 0.022 m³ 0.03 m³ 0.03 m³
Maximum digging distance 2650 mm 2850 mm 3370 mm 2400 mm
Max. Digging Depth 1200 mm 2000 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm
Max. Digging Height 2470 mm 2580 mm 2850 mm 2740 mm
Gradeability 35° 25(30)° 35° 35°
Overall Width 720 mm 860 mm 1100 mm 1100 mm

Model VTW-18S VTW-20S VTW-26S VTW-28S
Total Weight 1,550 kg 1,920 kg 2,480 kg 2,590 kg
Rated Power 11.8 KW/rpm 10.3 KW/rpm
11.8 KW/rpm
15 KW/rpm 15 KW/rpm
Engine D902-E4B-CBH-1 Yanmar370 KubotaD902 Yanmar3TNV76-P Yanmar3TNV76-P
Bucket Capacity 0.04 m³ 0.04 m³ 0.066 m³ 0.066 m³
Maximum digging distance 3500 mm 3600 mm 4200 mm 4500 mm
Max. Digging Depth 2120 mm 2310 mm 2320 mm 2820 mm
Max. Digging Height 3310 mm 3540 mm 3880 mm 4122 mm
Gradeability 58(30)° 58(30)° 58(30)° 58(30)°
Overall Width 1110 mm 990/1240 mm 1300/1500 mm 1300/1500 mm


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Our Group Company

Jining VOTE Machinery Co., Ltd. is an integrated industry and trade enterprise with 20 years history. We have 28 R&D engineers and more than 300 personnel. Our major products are mini excavators, mini compaction equipments as road rollers, plate compactor and other road maintenance equipments, concrete equipments.
Shipping & Payment
For Transportation, We Have Three Methods: Sea, Air, And Land, And Support Multiple Payment And Multiple Transportation Methods. You Can Receive This Mini Excavator You Like At The Port, And Of Course You Can Also Receive The Mini Excavator At Your Doorstep. (The Cost Is Higher, Not Recommended), We Guarantee That We Will Not Charge Any Intermediate Fees And Extra Fees That Exceed The Shipping Cost, We Just Want You To Get This Favorite Mini Excavator Faster And More Preferentially! !

1.Can the factory support mass production? Can I purchase a customized sample first?
A:Dear friends, VOTE company can support mass production. It can mass produce 200+mini excavator in one month, and can support customization (one piece is fine), but it cannot provide free prototypes. Please forgive me, my friend!

2.Can it be transported to my door? I want to get my favorite mini excavator soon?
A:Of course, my friend, but if your family is located very close to the port, we suggest that you can go directly to the port to transport your goods, so you can save a lot of money! If the distance is long, you can find an inland transportation company by yourself, and we can communicate with him; we can also find an agency for you, but the toll will be very high (not recommended)
During transportation, we will not charge any intermediate fees and additional service fees other than freight. We just want you to get your favorite mini excavator earlier.

3.How can I guarantee after-sales after I buy it?
A:Dear friends, our machine has a one-year/1000H work warranty period. During this time, if there is any problem with the machine itself, we will repair it for you free of charge, but if it is man-made damage, we will Not responsible for the maintenance of the machine, please forgive me, my friend.

If you have any questions, please contact us

Parameters Table

Model NO.

Drive Type
Internal Combustion Drive

Bucket Capacity


CE, ISO9001: 2000



Spare Parts
According to Customer Requirements

Operating Weight
800-3500 Kg

Yanmar /Changchai /Koop

Engine Type
Water Cooling/Air Cooled

Rated Power

Transmission Type

Max. Digging Radius

Max. Digging Depth

Max. Digging Height

Max. Dumping Height

Crawler Material

Crawler Type

Operating System
Mechanical/Hydraulic Pilot

Closed Cab

Transport Package
Standard Exported Wooden Case/Bulk Case

Multiple models optional



HS Code

Production Capacity