China 100/300/500/800/1000/2000 Kg/H Soap Machine Toilet Soap Laundry Bar Soap Making Machine Sale Africa

China 100/300/500/800/1000/2000 Kg/H Soap Machine Toilet Soap Laundry Bar Soap Making Machine Sale Africa

Product Description

Laundry Soap Making Machine Sale Africa Introduction:

1. This laundry soap production line take soap noodles(soap bar) as raw materials.
2. The production starts with mixing soap bar,perfume pigment and,etc.
2. Then the mixed soap noodles enters in the three  roller mill by conveyor belt, where soap thin sheets 
are made. 
3. The soap thin sheet then converted into desired long strip soap by the plodder machine.
4. Then the long strip soap are cut into the soap bars required size by cutting machine(there are two kinds of cutting machine.One is mechanical.The other is automatic).
5. Finally, the soap bars gets packed by packing machine if needed.
6. Soap bars can be made 60g,120g,200g,260g,and so on
 Features of Laundry Soap Making Machines  :
1. The finishing lines of Series for Laundry or toilet and translucent soap bring together all components that are most reliable, most durable, supplied by the most famous vendors in the world. 
2. The mechanical design is tend to be simplified, more robust, low energy consumption, low off-stream rate, easy to be maintained ,more people oriented and with good view both outside and inside of the machines.
Advantages of Laundry Soap Making Machines     
1.Full automatic production line 
2.Capacity for 300-800kg/h
3.Soap size depends on client demands
4.Good performance & high efficiency

300-800kg/h Laundry soap making machine list :

NO. Machine Specification Quantity
1 Mixer Capacity: 90kg/time
Power: 3kw
Size: 1650*1000*1150mm
Weight: 452kg
2 Trio miller Diameter of roller:260mm
Length:  695mm
Power:  7.5kw
3 Double-screw vacuum plodder Capacity:300-800kg/h
Power:  5.5kw
4 Printing-cutting machine Capacity:300-800kg/h
Soap ize:  60-400mm
Size: 800*360*800mm
5 Vacuum pump Swept volume:8L/second
6 Conveyor Power:1.5kw 3
Total after you confirm the size and type of the final package, we will assemble you the packing machine.

Mixer :

Miller :

Vacuum Plodder :

Packing Machine :

Soap Making Line :

We also have many others capacity , such as 50-150kg/h, 300-800kg/h, 1000-2000kg/h 
, also have the soap making line use fat oil like plam oil  etc.

Any more information you need Laundry Soap Machine , please feel free to contact with us.

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Parameters Table

Model NO.

Raw Materials
Soap Noodles

Transport Package
Wooden Case (Plywood)

CE certificate



HS Code

Production Capacity
50 Sets/ Month