China 100/200/300 Metal/Rust Laser Cleaning Equipment /Machine Manufacturer/Laser Cleaning Machine for Metal Oil Removal/Laser Cleaning Machine for Steel Derusting

China 100/200/300 Metal/Rust Laser Cleaning Equipment /Machine Manufacturer/Laser Cleaning Machine for Metal Oil Removal/Laser Cleaning Machine for Steel Derusting

Product Description

Rayfine 100w 200w 300w 500w fiber laser cleaning machine
Machine application
1. Metal or glass surface coating removal, rapid removal of paint .
2. Quick rust removal and various oxides
3. Remove grease, resin, gum, dust, stains, and produce residue .
4. Roughening of metal surface
5. Before welding or bonding, remove paint, rust, grease, weld oxide, residue treatment
6. Mold cleaning, such as tire mold, electronic mold, food mold
7. After the production of precision parts, oil removal
8. Quick cleaning of nuclear power unit maintenance
9. Aerospace weapons, processes for the manufacture or maintenance of ships, removal of paint, rust removal
10. Metal surface cleaning in narrow space
11. Cultural relics cleaning, rock cleaning, exterior cleaning of buildings.
Advantages of the machine
1.Can protect the surface of the cleaning object intact. For different dirt on different substrate surfaces, you can selectively clean the dirt by setting laser parameters (such as spot size, single pulse energy, pulse width, repetition frequency, etc.) without damaging the substrate.
2.Protect the environment, clean green. The laser cleaning waste is basically bottom powder, small in size, easy to store and handle, energy saving and environmental protection.
3.Can clean fragile material surfaces. Because of the non-contact nature of laser cleaning, it is convenient to implement long-distance operation, and it can be transmitted through optical fiber, which can clean relatively hidden parts of objects.
4.Laser cleaning is fast, fast, and low cost, without harming operator health.


Machine parameters
Model RF-F-200W Laser source JPT MOPA 200W
Average Output Power >100W Pulse Energy 2.0mj
Pulse frequency range 1–4000KHZ Full power repetition frequency 133–4000KHZ
Pulse Width Range 2–500ns Cooling Method Air cooling
Central Wavelength 1064nm Output Beam Diameter 6-8mm
Power Range 0 ~ 100% Storage Temperature Range -10 ~ 60ºC
Output Fiber Length Random Machine type handheld
Output Power Stability <5% FWHM (nm) @3dB <20nm
Anti-Reflection Protection YES Power Consumption (20 °C) 1800w/h


Introduction to the main parts of the machine
JPT MOPA laser source

1.1–4000KHZ super wide pulse width frequency range can make your cleaning adapt to more marking materials and conditions.
2.Extremely high pulse width adjustable range of 2-500ns, super strong single-point energy, can greatly improve your cleaning efficiency.

Simple and convenient operating system

The default is English operation interface

High-efficiency laser cleaning gun


Machine cleaning sample display



Packaging of the machine
1.Standard plywood cases with sponge filled inside for packing protection.
2.The wooden case is fumigation free which is suitable by sea &by air.
3.Customized packing as per customer’s requirement.


Our service
Guided instruction
1—Machine training and guidance services. We will guide you through the use of network teaching methods, including the operation of the entire software.

Sample marking test service
2—We provide free sample marking test services. If you are not sure whether this machine can mark the effect you want, we can provide you with free sample marking experiments.

Machine maintenance and warranty services
3—Maintenance and warranty service of the machine,Explain the maintenance of machine parts to extend product life and save the energy consumption ,The whole set of machine warranty period is 2 years.

Packaging and shipping services
4—We can provide transportation services such as sea and air transportation, and door-to-door shipping services. You can choose according to your needs.


Our company’s main products
1. Laser cleaning machine.

2. CNC knife cutting machine.

3. Laser marking machine(Fiber/CO2/UV/Green light) and laser-welding machine.

4. Fiber cutting machine.

5. Co2 laser machine and so on.


Our factory 

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Parameters Table

Model NO.

Laser Wavelength

Machine Type

Output Fiber Length

Output Power Stability

Anti-Reflection Protection

Fwhm (Nm) @3dB

Power Consumption (20 °c)

Transport Package
Wooden Box Protective Packaging



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Production Capacity
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